Why Your Traffic Is Not Improving Using social media

Traffic is always key to successful blogging. And you might have wondered why your traffic is not increasing day by day via social media. If that’s the question, I need to explain to you some points regarding traffic. I have been worried about my traffic. When I first started blogging and made several posts and kept checking my dashboard I wonder why I am not able to get traffic to my blog even I have a few likes on your page. And also, I have posted it on many Facebook fan pages, best groups to share your blog posts, and also many social sharing sites.

If that’s the problem you are also facing then all you need is that just go with this article and make this correction and you wonder this works. In my previous article, I made a tutorial on verifying your website using Pinterest check the website if you have not gone to it.

What’s Wrong with Your social media?

If that’s the question then you should remember how your social media works. You know this but let’s discuss it again with a few important tips. Let’s take Facebook as an example and you need to remember that Facebook keeps on updating its status whenever your friend’s in your friend’s list shares something, comment on something, likes something, post something. So you need to remember that when you complete writing your article then before publishing, you need to have a look at your Facebook friends and note that if your friends are maximum then you have to post your link to it.

Tips To Increase Traffic to Your Posts on social media

Publishing post is one of the traffic keys. You might have a question what if I have completed writing my post and there are no maximum friends online? Then I suggest saving your post and waiting until you get the time. Remember always post a link in your status, if possible followed by a blog URL. Request your Facebook to like your page also if possible all your posts on your Facebook fan page. Keep posting your blog web address on your friend’s timeline/profile page, this also works on that. So, I suggest you not share/publish your posts during night times. And another point is that add something more to your status while posting your links on your Facebook fan page. That should be in a way to attract readers to the link

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