Why Your Comments Don’t Get Approved ?

If this the doubt and problems you are facing. Then we are here to explain a few reasons why the blog author is not accepting comments. You might have seen it in many blogs. After commenting on them, you get a notification that your comment will be visible after approval. This is because of the fear of blog authors thinking of many things. This article would give you guidance on how to comment to get approved a get a backlink from them.

Why Your Comments are Not Publishing by Blog Author?

Spamming should be prevented

In many blogs or websites around the globe, you have seen in the comment section displaying a notification please do not spam. This is the big reason, why the blog author is worried about comments. Spamming is a really bad thing.

I have written an article on my other blog and then the article got a good response and it was getting several comments on the article. But guess what it all is spam? So, I stopped displaying comments. Previously I have made an article on the advantages of commenting on other blogs.

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SEO based comments for better search visibility

You might have seen many visitors commenting according to the article. For example, visitors to this article comment” this is great information about why blog author is not permitting or publishing my comments. Really helpful article. Thanks “. Before explaining the comment, let me explain a bit of SEO regarding comments. Google said that even comments are considered as keywords and help in better search visibility for bloggers. The author of the blog writes an article of 200-250 words. Then it may or may not be a good article for better SEO so he also considers the comment section for better keywords. In the comment, you have the title of the blog related to article appreciation. So the author may allow comments.

What do you need to consider in mind while commenting?

  1. Your comment should be related to the article
  2. Your comments must contain keywords related to the article.
  3. Your comments should never be a spam
  4. Your comment must contain topics related to appreciation, suggestions, doubts regarding the article.
  5. Don’t comment just to comment.

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