Why Newbies Are Quit Blogging

Blogging is one of the online platforms where people are coming to earn money, share knowledge, get knowledge from others, Increase relationships, and some other reasons. But I think all most all are coming to blogging for earning money, some are interested in learning very fast and some interested in earning lastly. Greatly if you started your blogging career only for earning money then you can’t stand up in blogging in another way you lose your online career. Mostly today most people are coming to blogging but very first they are start adding many advertisement programs to their to increase their earnings, by doing this method some are not getting money but losing their online career. In Blogging, two words always happening that is one word earning and another word is knowledge. If you started your blogging career then forget the first word, always target the second word to increase your knowledge and share your knowledge. By following this method you will get a bigger success online and you no need to worry about money because a time coming money in your hand by your blog.

Most cases for starting one simple free blog need money like we are using the internet connection. These cases while we are investing more money on the Internet we are getting confused that ” Is my Blog Giving me money or not? But one thing before creating any free blog or paid set one sentence in your mind that ” You are going to Professional in Blogging “. This sentence will much more help you to get stand up in blogging. In this topic, you will find some important points that why newbies are quit blogging.

5 Points why newbies are Quit Blogging

1. Not Getting More Tips To Writing

Mostly while newbies are coming to blogging they are searching for tricks that how to write articles. Also for writing a single topic is not an easy method but I will give some suggestions to newbies if you are not able to write articles then you can try writing topics like Top 15 WordPress plugins, Writing reviews upon products, Taking interviews, and writing design topics. For writing this type of topic it’s not hard work I think so. So don’t worry if you are a newbie start writing among this category topics.

2. No Relationship with Other Blogs

If you are not getting tricks to writing any articles then don’t worry you can join social networks like Facebook to interact with other blog admins to get some knowledge that how to start successful blogging. Also today almost all bloggers are started writing articles upon interviews, so you can get much more knowledge on how to start writing a good post by using bigger blogger tips. Greatly if you read interview-related articles then you will get more knowledge for writing.

3. Worry About Earning Money

Always most of the people after start blogging are much more interested in earning money by adding much more advertisement programs. While you are adding many advertisements programs it’s decreasing your blog readers because while reading one article many advertisements are coming to the front than for reading the topic it’s not possible. In first you first choose one that is you earning or you start blogging.

4. Higher Internet Cost

Nowadays the Internet cost is much higher than other costs. So for getting speed Internet you need to choose the right data plan for your online career. Yes, I agree with one point that speed Internet means higher cost, so nowadays also speed Internet available at a low cost. Readers share your experience which Internet do you use for your online journey please share using the comment box with our readers.

5. Worry For Getting Traffic

Mostly in new bloggers, they are always worried about getting traffic from search engines but if you are not writing search engine friendly topics then don’t expect search engine traffic. Greatly getting some amount of organic traffic is not hard work because search engines are always keyword-friendly. Mostly for getting search engine traffic you need to focus on your article keywords to get success.

Share your thoughts on how this topic is helping you to get success in your online career. Also, share if you are new to blogging how the topic points are helping you to be professional blogging. One thing doesn’t forget to share this topic on your favorite social networks.

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