Why Is It Crucial to Backup Your WordPress Blog?

WordPress is a platform where you can set up websites or create blogs easily because of its straightforward and user-friendly design. No doubt, hosting your website can be incredibly fun and rewarding; nevertheless, it places some responsibilities on you too because having your online platform can sometimes create a false sense of security.

Some people believe that the best and most secure place for keeping their content is the website itself. You might lose your data accidentally from your hard disk, but there is hardly any chance to lose it when it is published online. However, the truth is that all websites are vulnerable to various mishaps, which makes it crucial to always backup content while running a website.

Here are the reasons why it is important for everyone to backup the WordPress blog right away.

Five Reasons to Back Up Your WordPress Blog

Your blog may get hacked

Sadly, you can’t save your website from hackers. Usually, the goal of these hackers is to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers and other personal data, but this act has become so mainstream nowadays that people have started to hack sites for fun or just to prove themselves. If you have a blog online, there is a possibility that it might get hacked even if it doesn’t contain any valuable information.

Your updates may go wrong

You might have discovered that every time you start updating your WordPress blog, it warns you to perform a backup first. This is so because these updates don’t always go as planned. Since sites have several components such as themes, plugins, and back-end programming, a faulty update regarding any of these can shut down your entire website for a considerable amount of time.

You may mistakenly click on the wrong button

Everyone makes mistakes since nobody’s perfect. Therefore, it is possible that you might delete an essential file by accident or by clicking on the wrong button. If you keep a backup of all of your content, these accidental human errors will not be an issue if they mess up your work in the future.

You may unknowingly download malware

When you download themes or plugins via third parties, there is a chance that some Trojan horse, virus, or other malware might slip into your website. Some third-party websites are usually considered safe, yet you never know when a virus could slide in through your firewall along with your new theme file and ruin your blog. Nevertheless, if you have a fresh backup, you don’t have to worry if your blog suddenly begins to act strangely.

You may have already saved files on your hard drive, but is that enough?

It is no doubt a good idea to keep a copy of all of your data on your external hard drive or computer, but if your drive crashes, gets lost, or breaks, how are you going to save the data since everything will get damaged? That is why even if you keep a backup on your hard disk, you still need to save one online since it is a more practical option.

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