Why Bloggers Are Smarter Than a Normal Person?

Blogging is a profession where a blogger works for passion, but in jobs, a person works for money only, the job can also be a passion for some people but many people do jobs only for their living, if they really love their jobs, they become very successful in their career but many people detest their jobs.

In this post I am comparing bloggers with normal people, I am considering the normal person is the one who works in a company but does the same kind of work as bloggers.

In jobs, a person can be a Developer, Designer, Project Manager but a blogger does all these things on his own, A blogger never limits his duration of work many bloggers works 15-16 hrs daily. Because they are passionate about their work and they love blogging.

Does a Blogger Really blog only for Passion?

Rock-solid reputation

A good reputation is undoubtedly the most tangible and marketable asset, when bloggers become successful every knows who they are, and they become very popular and embraced by new bloggers and other people on the web, they are considered an expert in blogging and their words become more powerful because thousands of people follow a successful blogger, but if you compare to a normal person his reputation is limited to fewer people.


A blogger works for himself and set an example for others, a Perfect blogger has leadership quality by which he leads and dominates among others, Entrepreneur always introduces different ideas to expand their business and their organization similarly a blogger also always introduces more ideas for blog’s growth and life, blogger innovates new techniques to become successful, their conscious efforts always do something different.

Knows much more than his work

Everyone will be agreed with this point a blogger knows much more than his work, many people things a blogger only writes, but the truth is who only writes is called a writer, not a blogger.

Knowledge criteria of a blogger: he knows many things for example he manages his blog designing and development, SEO, Marketing, Writing, and the relationship between fellow bloggers, etc.

Where a normal person has expertise in only a limited area, for example, if a person is a web designer he doesn’t know about web Development kind of stuff.

Different Thinking

A blogger’s thinking is different from a normal person’s, a blogger always wants to expand their knowledge by learning new things, bloggers never hesitate to ask questions from anyone, they always try to make their name in the blogging arena by doing unique things and by the different style of their writing.


Bloggers are multi-talented they all have some extra talent like many bloggers are good presenters,  some are poets, many bloggers are great gamers like they bloggers have their own peculiarity or talent, the bloggers can work on their extra talents because they have freedom, they don’t have pressure to answer someone for his work. Although bloggers are always very serious about their blogging our hobbies are always important to us, and a blogger can give some time for his hobbies.

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