What You Should Do in First Three Months of Blogging

Blogging is spreading rapidly nowadays. People are finding real ways to generate income online and find blogging through search engines or from other sources. Blogging is an ideal thing to earn thousands of dollars per month but for this, you will need to build a successful blog. Once you’ve your own blog which is getting thousands of visitors daily with a lot of readerships then you can be the rich man surely. Newbies in the blogging world mostly do many mistakes in their careers. Even I also did. So below we’re going to discuss what you should do in the first three months of your blogging career.

Things You Should Do In First Three Months Of Blogging

So you’re new to blogging and have created your blog with your own domain name. If yes, then continue reading this post because this can help you in being successful in your career. So let’s start the discussion.

Build Your Content – Update Regularly

One of the most important things is that you should build is the content of your blog. Content is the only thing that can succeed you. Provide useful and unique content. Serve your readers what they want. You can create a request for a post page to know what your readers want. This will build up your blog also and search engines will be in love with your blog if the content is unique. One thing you should note is that you’ve to update your blog regularly. No matter, you can do a ton of posts a day if you can but at least one post is required. It will also improve the Alexa ranking of your blog.

Increase Traffic and Readership – Do SEO For Your Blog

This is another thing you have to do is increase traffic to your blog. Have you heard about SEO? It is search engine optimization. Basically, This helps us in driving traffic to our blog from search engines. Enter into the SEO Page here from the top menu to know more about SEO. You can increase your blog by social promotion. I mean share your blog posts in some groups on Facebook or anywhere on any social site. Then you have chances to get traffic from there. Also, build the readership of your blog which is important.

Make Your Blog Beautiful

This is highly recommended that you should make your blog beautiful in look. You should use any impressive Theme or Template on your blog. This will help in attracting visitors to your blog and also in building the relationship between readers with your blog. Use a theme which is having an eye-catching design and its color is also eye-friendly. Even you can order us to develop the blogger template for your blog at a reasonable cost.

Forget Earning First Three Months

So you’ve to forget the earning in the first three months because in these three months you’ve to build up your blog. Avoid putting the ads on your blog in the first three until you get good traffic. Once you start getting enough good traffic after three months then you should apply for any good advertising network. Google Adsense and BuySellAds are highly recommended because they pay a good income.

Put Your Hard Work

In the last, I want to tell you that you’ve to put your hard work into building your blog. Because hard work always brings sweet juice. You should work hard in building content for your blog that is the important thing, try to learn the search engine optimization that is a most important thing in blogging because SEO can drive huge traffic towards your blog, also make your blog fancy in look because that can make your one-time visitor into the regular reader and avoid monetization in the first three months. After the hard work of three months, you will surely get good results.


So these were some things you should do in the first three months of blogging. After trying these, you will surely get a good result and ranking of your blog. Content is the king, so you should mostly concentrate on the content. Especially, publish posts regularly. If you’ve more ideas then please do share them with us.

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