Top Tricks To Make Your Blog Unique

We all are bloggers here, and we all want our blogs to be really good and successful. The problem is that it’s much more difficult to make a blog unique today, as there are millions of them on the Web today. Every person may start a blog, and he doesn’t need any special knowledge for this. Blogging is about sharing the information first of all, so you can (and may actually) write about everything you want, using free hosting.

The ugly truth is that only a few blogs out of thousands have become really popular among the audience: they are informative, stylish, bright, SEO-friendly, and easy to navigate. Every blogger has his own secrets of how to make his blog attractive, it may be content or a really good promotion – the point is that you have to work hard and find a way to make people pay attention to your blog. In other words, just make it unique!

So, have you ever thought of how to do that? A good blog is much more than just a bright template, links, and ads. Just check the tricks given below – they will definitely help you get an idea for your personal blog improvement.

Express Yourself

Certainly, you write for people. You’ve chosen your niche, and you try to provide your readers with useful information on it. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t express your own opinion concerning this or that topic.

Remember: the majority of blogging gurus have become well-known and recognizable because they were not afraid of expressing their thoughts, even if they differed from others.

Moreover, you’ll motivate your readers to share or disprove your point. As you understand, debates are always interesting and challenging to accept.

Challenge Gurus of Blogging

It doesn’t mean you should be offensive and provocative. But let’s agree with the fact that famous bloggers are just humans as we all are, so, they can be also wrong and make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of debating with them, sharing your own point of view, using facts and proves.

As far as you understand, it can really help your new blog become visible for other people: when they see that you try to disprove the authoritative blogger (and what is more – you have strong arguments to do that), they will definitely remember you and visit your own blog at least once to see who you are.

Be the First One With Your Topic

When you are the first one to tell about the topic that will “explode” on the Web pretty soon, it will be perfect for your blog to improve its index in search engines. So, try to monitor the information all the time and tell about it on your blog, sharing posts via social networks for as many people to find out about it as possible.

But the main thing here is not to give up the quality of your information for just being the first!

Remember: you write for people! Try to work for quality, not just for quantity. Your readers will definitely appreciate it.

Offer Something Different

Some blogging newbies believe that their blogs are just for articles, so, they continue adding new posts through millions of other bloggers who do the same actually. As far as you understand, this is not a good way to make your blog really unique.

Try to think of your blog as about a small shop or gallery that can provide its visitors with some interesting and unusual things. It can be some extra tools, an opportunity to subscribe or download some extra information, e-books, some videos, online courses, etc. It will help your blog differ from others of the same face.

Use Media Right

And here we speak not only about images, though they are very important for your blog too. Try not to use general templates for your blog’s design that can be easily met at thousands of other blogs. It will definitely make a face for your blog. You can use such templates for your inspiration, but try to combine its best features with your own ideas to design a really unique and attractive blog.

As for your blog media (images, videos, etc.), you should use them right as well. They are important for every blog of course, as they attract users’ attention and help to make your blog brighter, but don’t use too much media, as such content may be really slow to open even if your reader has the fastest speed of the Internet connection.

Happy blogging, and try to make everything for your blog stay really cool!

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