Top Secrets to Increase Search Traffic Rapidly

Today’s article is written for bloggers and website content writers those who write articles by profession or passion. For a writer who writes more than hundreds of articles in months or years,s not all the posts get the highest ranked on the search engines results page, some of the posts may drop in targeting keywords. That is why authority rank also gets dropped. Again there is no guarantee that all of your articles will be getting ranked on search engines but maintaining some rules can make each of our articles more unique so that chances of getting organic search keywords, traffic, social shares, comments that will help our articles to grow up rapidly.

In this article, we will discuss some ethical factors that can make each of our articles to be unique so that people become enticed to share on social media and search engines give value to our content and our blog will be generating more organic search traffic from search engines. Keep reading attentively and you will discover the secret of bloggers’ success.

11 Secrets You Can Increase Search Traffic Rapidly

Write Article More Than 600+ Words

Normally Google loves texts rather than any other objects like images, videos, or any rich media content. You may notice that if you apply for Google Adsense right now (when Google has changed their Adsense approval procedures) most of the accounts disapproval issue is Insufficient Content whether your site includes no more adult content, broken links, even copyrights, and your site getting a reasonable amount of good traffic.

So you have to understand from this Google’s warning how strongly Google wants more written unique content especially content with texts not only images, or videos. So you have to write more and more, no matter if it takes more than 2 or 3 days to publish but you have to maintain quality not quantity if you want more organic search traffic rewards from Google and other search engines.

Add Highest Value to Your Content

The articles you’re contributing to your blog should be problematic because on the internet most people find the solutions to problems other than media-based content like downloading, sharing, watching, listening, or any similar thing. So first of all you have to find problems that a mass of people searching for solutions but not getting appropriate answers in search engines.

Now you have to invent the solution to that problem in your own way so that you can represent the best writing that they didn’t find anywhere. So definitely your writing will be highly valued to search engines and people will call it unique content that is why they will share it on social media even they will talk with their friends about your article so the conversions will rapidly grow up and thus you could be adding highest value to each of your posts.

N.B. You can find problems joining in forums, Q & A sites, branded forums (Google groups, Yahoo groups, Bing support forum, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin help forums, etc.), or even from social media.

Target Long-Tail Keyword

After writing the article now it’s time to search for keywords exactly to match our post title and rank it for on search engines. Which keyword should you target for: either short tail or long tail? The factor is that most of the SEO experts give value to long-tail SEO because of having relatively lower competition in keywords but high search volume.

Again Long Tail Keyword refers to targeting niche-specific keywords which constitute of usually 2 words or more in length. An example of a long-tail keyword would be: “custom field in WordPress”. Most of the folks who don’t know the better way to rank for keywords like “WordPress” or “WordPress tutorials” have more than 2 million monthly search volume with the highest keyword competition. As there is no easy white-hat way for you to rank for a specific shot tail keyword, chances are the folks who have chosen long-tail keywords to easily get ranked.

Keyword Positioning Within Post Title

Positioning keywords within your post title is one of the strategies that experts recommend to practice. Some of us don’t know the value of adding keywords within the title the right way so randomly place keywords and find nothing upgrade in keyword ranking.

SEO Experts recommend that placing highly searchable keywords first then lower searchable keywords within the title is and much better way to get ranked quickly in search engines. Also separating keywords using pipes ( | ) not hyphen ( – ), comma (, ) or underscore ( _ ) is a more likely effective way to get ranked for a specific keyword.

Optimize Permalink

Permalink is called a “permanent link” that search robots can index and represent content more effectively. Till now we learned the importance of writing unique blog content, using long-tail keywords, keyword positioning and now it’s time to learn how to optimize our permalinks that search engines first knock before clutching post meta title and other stuff of our article.

Although search engines display post titles in SERPs despite that every webmaster should know the value of writing optimized and quickly indexable post permalink. Permalinks that include keywords with appropriate prepositions which are not more than 5 or 7 words in length and each word is interconnected with a hyphen ( – ) are good to get better indexed by search robots than the opposite one. So we have to be very careful in using optimized permalinks.

Optimize Post Meta Description

Post meta description is a short description about a post that search engines display with a post title(right below the green-colored post link) on results pages. Normally Google can show a complete meta description that is not more than 150 characters in length and if it crosses the limit then Google shows dotted lines.

When search engines display search results based on specific keywords they not only consider Domain age, popularity, authority rank, social media shares, optimized post title but also a little bit of consideration they urge on optimized post description, that is why you may notice that some of the words within post description are also highlighted with the post title, so this is the reason you need to use optimized and keyword rich post meta description to get more organic search traffic.

Optimize Post Sub Headings

The sub-headings (h2, h3 tags) of your post also need to be optimized because when search engines index our pages they only read it as an HTML document, not the snazzy presentation that humans see, first of all, they hunt for headlines h1, h2, h3 tags than other elements respectively. So if we optimize post headlines (h1 tag) we must optimize sub-headlines(h2, h3 tags) because search engines index each headline of our post very carefully, and this will improve our search keywords as well.

Make Your Post Quickly Shareable

Google gives value to the posts that are getting shared on social media rapidly. The more people will share your posts the more the conversions rate will increase so chances are getting involved in Google’s top 10 site listings in search results pages. You can use sharing buttons (Vertical, horizontal, or even smart layer of AddThis, also ShareThis or AddToAny. Among all of the formats, we recommend choosing vertical floating buttons because of easy shareability no matter whether readers scroll down or up your pages.

Ethical Link Building

Link building makes it easy to drive extra more traffic to a website from different parts of the internet. To build natural links which is the priority of every webmaster is the foundation of off-page SEO. Link building that is in white hat way is also recommended by search engines. Apply the best formulas of link building like releasing presses, writing a guest blog, ethical commenting, posting on forums, etc. Be remember of building branded ( My Blogger Blog or Your Blogger Blog) or generic (“here”, “this site” and “website”) link building not that in the naked way ( because branded and generic link building is more likely to be natural rather than naked link building.

Using Robots.txt

Search engines robots obey robots.txt command even media partner site’s robots like Adsense robots. If you block particular URLs so that search engines robots can’t crawl them and index them, your search visits will definitely get reduced and you will lose getting more organic search traffic even some of your search keywords will not get ranked in search engines. So be careful using custom robots tag for your website, in blogger or Blogspot platform you can easily set for robots header tag by going

Blogger > Dashboard > Settings > Crawlers and indexing > Robots header tag

You can even add custom robots tag but any wrong activity will seriously hamper your site performances on search engines so we strongly recommend ignoring in taking any action here.

Be Serious in Keyword Density

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on that page. According to search engines, contextual keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specific keyword or keyword phrase. If you go extreme in applying keywords but adding a few values to your context might be taken as spam by search engines.

That’s why specialists advise not to go outsmart Google and other search engines. If you apply this formula intending that you will get more organic traffic you will be wrong since Google’s webmaster and Bing webmaster guidelines mark these pages as doorway pages and that is the black hat SEO technique. You can measure the keyword density before adding to your blog post with the keyword density checker tool by Seo Review Tools.

Your Final Thoughts

I think if you can apply these formulas your blogging style will definitely get improved, also each of your posts will be getting an individual rank on search engines, page visits will increase gradually, and you will get readers more quickly. I strongly urge newcomers in blogging to follow these ideas because all these are white hat ways of SEO and your blog will never be banned by search engines. If you have extra more ideas or suggestions or something new that we don’t include in this post, kindly share them with us, we appreciate each and every feedback that helps others to be benefited. Wish you all success in blogging.

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