Top Online Money Making Tips in 2021

Online is the best way one can earn like professional working. But many of us after reading any affiliate topics then we are going to the affiliate website then register and after some days we forget the affiliate website name. Online is the best full-time and part-time earning working place. But you have to go on the right path to earn money then you can get success online to be able to earn a good amount of money in a smart way. Those are doing a great job online after 1 year they have to get an amazing success, all can get the success online if they go in the best way and follow the best methods. Now the time we have considering number one part is blogging to earning money. The online earning best methods are affiliate programs and also article writing for websites and blogs.

Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online


Blogging is the best place one can freely start her professional website. In blogging, you can earn more through the affiliate program, Google Adsense, and other advertisement programs. But after starting your blog in a few days add many more advertise programs you can earn. The best generating money from blogs is first to post much more valuable topics then get some traffic and then apply for advertisement programs. The blog is the place where Google fully supporting also other search engines. But if you doing copy-pasting work in your blog then you lose your blogging career always be honest. For starting a blog through, you need only a Gmail account, not others.

Article writing

Many websites are there that are revenue-sharing programs. Some blog authors also join this website and they are earning much more revenue. My especially recommended website is These websites are free of cost register and you only need to write topics there and easily earn revenue. is the best revenue-sharing website if you have no Google AdSense then you apply your Google Adsense they’re and also other websites are like this. On this website are thousands of readers in one hour then you can get much more traffic for your article. But these websites are very strict for approving each article, before proceeding to post your article their first read the guideline of the website.

Affiliate Programs

This time thousands of affiliate programs are there. But before registering any affiliate programs first read the website guidelines and other topics. Many affiliate programs are there but we have recommended BigRock and HostGator affiliate programs because I have used the two affiliate programs. We have known many are choosing many affiliate ads for adding her website but adding much more affiliate ads you can’t get anything unless you lose your traffic. I have to know our some friendly bloggers are adding more affiliate ads in her blog but after fourteen to fifteen days they lose her traffic. The Hostgator affiliate earning method is 1-5/month hosting sign up you get $50/signup, 6-10/month hosting sign up you get $75/signup, 11-20/month hosting sign up you get $100/signup and in this way. The BigRock website affiliate program method also likes this visit Bigrock and join affiliate programs.

Make money from Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay both websites are both popular online marketing sites. You can earn money by using her banners on your websites then after someone clicks the banner link and purchases then you will get revenue. The Amazon marketing program her selling her products on your website it’s very easy only simply visit then register their ad her banners in your blog or website also eBay method is the same as Amazon. I have visited some popular websites they have using Amazon and eBay banners then I have gotten some knowledge there. The best method for earning from Amazon and eBay is if you write some topic related to products then ad banners same to your topic after visitors read your topics then they will interesting purchasing the product.

Selling Photos

Selling photos and earning money is a very easy method online. The photo selling websites are such as,,,, and These websites are the best methods you can much more money from these sites. this 2nd part-time online job you can earn much more money there.

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