Top Google AdSense Approved Guidelines in 2021

Google Adsense is the world’s largest online Ad Publishing network with more than 2 million publishers are earning nearly $7 billion from AdSense last year. Adsense uses CTR (Click Through Rate) method to increase and decrease Pay Per Click rates at a reasonable gradient for a specific site. It can pay you up to $50 per click but according to the GEO location and CTR formula, Google’s verdict works out.  Google AdSense is Undoubtedly the most Reliable and long-term earnings way from blogging online. I would like to say to you, many of the bloggers earn more than One thousand dollars in a month.

In addition, Google restricts the approval process and brings some new requirements that’s why even a single missing will cause your account to be disapproved and it will repeat once Google doesn’t get further required amendments.

In the past days, AdSense was very easy to get. But currently somewhat difficult. Don’t worry! Because in this article basically will provide detailed guidelines on how easily AdSense can be approved. We will disclose some known and unknown facts that Google considers to have for a content-based website to be approved with Google Adsense for Content. Let’s go ahead and invent why your application gets disapproved over multiple times you consecutively applied and how to amend your application and make full Adsense approval.

Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

01: Use Unique Contents:

Your content should be completely original and fresh. Copy and paste cannot be posted on your site anyway. You should Be Serious about Choose Content Images. Some people think that Google cannot find out any copy-righted image. This idea is wrong! Always think that Google is more than smart to you. So, after reading this post be careful to choose content images. If your site already has copyrighted images then remove them immediately. Because if you use copyrighted images then your AdSense will not approve and you will lose your search engine rank.

Note: if you use a copy-righted image after approving AdSense then there is also a chance to get banned your account anytime by Google AdSense!

02: Publish Latest, High-Valued, Quality full and enough Content:

Google always approves such types of sites that have Sufficient/enough, good quality, and high-value content for their visitor. High-valuable or high-value content means the content that has demand and has a good amount of search volume on search engines. So, you need to make and publish over 35 to 40 High-valued, quality full, and unique posts on your site before applying for approval.

You need to create a website with the most useful and proper imported content that clarifies your site’s objective to readers and more people will be attracted to your content. As we know content is the king of any blog or site when it comes to readers’ satisfaction and brings more than subscriptions, shares, and highest views in terms. So, you should always remember that Google loves content that can help people.

03: Write Consistent Posts With Proper Length:

Consistency refers to the posts that fulfill your site content, keywords, and descriptions properly that satisfy readers and help pages to get ranked well on search engines. To make people biased to your regular content you must write consistent and high-quality posts. Your posts should include 500 to 1000+ words in length with proper formats (introduction, body, conclusion, and maintain headlines), and as I mentioned earlier you must try to write at least 35 to 40 posts before applying Google Adsense. But there is no exact deem that how many posts Google likes to approve any site, in this case, you can go through minimalism of publishing posts (maybe randomize or series).

04: Build a Niche Site:

Make a Niche website by using some related topics in your site content. A niche site will help you to get a better search engine rank and after approving an AdSense account it will help you to earn a good amount of money from AdSense. But some people make their site with Quinary topics. For example, they are use topics like Technology, sports, health, general knowledge, etc. Apply for Google AdSense Such a mixed site will not be the easiest approval! However, after approving your AdSense account you can publish posts with different topics. For example, Photoshop Tutorials When creating the site, only Photoshop Post of the tutorial. Here’s do not post Programming Tutorials. However, after approving AdSense you can publish other tutorials.

Remember, do not try to make completely change the topics of your site. Because Google doesn’t like it!

05: Make Sure Your Site Includes No Miss Links, Copyrights, and Prohibited Content:

These three dangerous things (Broken Links, Prohibited Content, and Copyrights) that Google marks itself and rescinds accounts without even the notification before action. Here are three victims on individual description sundry.

Broken Links:

 Before applying to Google Adsense I recommend using a free broken link checker (that is an award-winner tool) and I personally use it to remove missed links.


 Another thing that Google strongly hates is Copyrights. If your site includes content that refers to hacking, cracking issues you must remove them or use robots.txt file to stop Search Engine robots indexing those copyrights pages but the most reliable way to remove those contents. Even you must not link other website pages (as an external link) that includes Copyrights since Google Adsense robots will check each link and very carefully the external links even it will go to that page and check either that page includes copyrights, so be serious and trusty otherwise Google will never accept you in their Adsense program.

Prohibited Content

Google AdSense prohibited some contents. So, you must prohibit those kinds of content to get approved.

Here s an AdSense Prohibited Topics/Contents list.

  • Adult content
  • Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
    Copyrighted material
  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Sites that offer compensation programs (“pay-to” sites)
  • Sites that use Google Brand features
  • Violent content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Other illegal content

Here you will find detailed information on this: Google Publisher Restrictions

06: Incorporate Simple and SEO Optimized Site Design:

Designs are the beauty, the creativity of professionals, and the resource of pleasures that can’t be overstated. While readers look at a blog, the first thing they judge is how it “feels” from a design and UX perspective. Sites that use default templates, running through sample themes can’t be more useful in representing your content lest it receives less trust, a lower time-on-page, fewer pages per visit, and a lower likelihood of being shared. The facts and features of stunning design that clearly indicate quality work will experience the reverse – and reap amazing benefits.

If you’re looking for a designer to help upgrade the quality of your blog, there are a few resources I recommend:

  • Dribbble – great for finding high-quality professional designers;

For – another excellent design profile community

  • Behance – featuring galleries from a wide range of visual professionals
  • 99 Designs – a controversial site that provides designs on spec via contests (I have mixed feelings on this one, but many people find it useful, particularly for budget-conscious projects)

07: Improve Page Loading Speed and Make SEO Optimized Content:

Optimize your Blog Post and pages with proper Categories, Tags, Descriptions, use Headings, Sub-headings tags, overall make It Search Engine Friendly.

Also make sure the Page Speed of your site, since site speed is now a ranking factor and it also helps you get a better response from Google Adsense while your application will be on trial.

08: Create Some Special Page:

Build some pages like; About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, etc.

About Page:

About or, about us, the page will describe your own or a brief on the site. An about page that can express your quality, idea, thoughts, behaves, character, education overall your activities across your blog or website that you manage. Write an about article your blog that can exhibit your all sides within one point so people could easily understand you and the theme of your blog. You must signify not only your skill, start it with your idea, thoughts, behaves, but character, education which will clarify about yourself to your readers, and these things are also needed before building up a readership with other people. Google importantly needs to have an About page of any site before it will go for approval issue.

Contact Page:

Google will accept sites that must have a global communication method(i.e. contact form), in case Google needs to contact you about any issue with your account. If you don’t have a contact form you can read the following tutorials to a contact form for your blog.

Privacy Policy:

Site Privacy policy features, the reader How to use site Up to short, etc. Google has changed the Terms and Conditions of their Adsense program, and one of the requirements that every Adsense publisher should have is a “Privacy Policy” page that clarifies some important issues that Google needs to know.

Your privacy policy should include the following information:

  • Third-party vendors (including Google) use cookies to serve different ads based on a user’s previous visits to your website.
  • Google’s use of DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve relevant ads on your user’s clicks to visit your site/other sites on the internet.
  • Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt-out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting

The privacy policy needs to include this information supplied by Google here. You can find a free privacy policy generator that I have used right here.


The site map page is also known as the Table of contents or HTML Sitemap page. Generally, a site map is a page that contains all the main or important links of your site arranged in a very structured way. So, the visitors of your site can access or find any content on the site very easily.

09: Use AdSense support language:

Create your website by using AdSense-supported language. Because Applications for participation in the Google AdSense program can be for sites with content primarily in 36 languages.

Click here to get the list of AdSense-supported 50 languages.

10: Keep Less Advertisement:

In a bid to earn money from your new blog or site, you may think that adding several ads on your site will help you in earning a good amount of money quickly. If you apply for Google AdSense account for such a site, your application will be rejected. So, to ensure your AdSense approval, you need to remove all the ads from your site before applying an application.

11: Design and Navigation on your site:

Keep your Site Design and navigation very easy and Simple. always try to add some internal links to your every post and page, it will help your reader to find more information. Additional off Color Site looks ugly. Use a good CMS like WordPress or Joomla to design your site. Because these are useful in SEO. If you are using or interested to use WordPress then my recommendation is to use premium and SEO-friendly themes like; Genaretpress, Genesis, Neve, Astra, and Thesis themes.

12: Choose Top-level Domain Name:

Start Your Website With Top a Level Domain. Because Google has not approved such a type of site that has a subdomain. Google AdSense team requires each publisher to have at least a top-level domain (.com, .net, .org) to get approved as Adsense for Content directly applying from Adsense’s official page.

Since you want to make money using Google Adsense so you must have to build a platform (website, blog, forum, or any HTML document where you will put AdSense ads and grow revenue). We suggest you buy a top-level domain at the cheapest price from a renowned domain provider company NameCheap. Currently, NameCheap offers 1-year domain registration (Total $10.87 with ICANN Fee) far cheaper than GoDaddy’s (A total of $18.34 with ICANN Fee and other additional costs).

Read Also: Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

13: Chose good quality hosting:

Some new bloggers try to use free Webhosting companies, and that’s one reason they are facing continuous rejection of their application. After using free Webhosting most of the time their website goes down, and AdSense rejects them. So, my recommendation to them starts blogging after buying good-quality hosting. It’s useful easy to get AdSense. Now buying a hosting account is not a very difficult thing. You can buy hosting with something of the cost of money. Our recommendation is to buy a hosting account from Kinsta, WpxHosting, Bluehost, Siteground, HostGator, etc. top company.

14: Old Website:

If you have created a website or blog yesterday and then you are applying for a Google AdSense account approval today, most of the chances are your application will be rejected by Google AdSense! Generally, the older your website is, the better to make the chances of getting AdSense account approval more than a newer website.

Google introduced a new policy that a site requires to wait 6 months before using AdSense Ads for a select group of countries/regions. Specifically require publishers from India and China with all of the Asian countries are on the list, but we don’t know what other countries are included. Even though Google hasn’t listed out the countries.

Some blog domains could get approved having less old than 6 months. Even, one of my friends got an AdSense account with just a three-month-old domain. Can you imagine? But, the average domain age for certain geo-location should be 6 months.

15: Broken link:

Google thinks that if any site has a lot of broken links (the link does not work) the site is under construction. Google search engine and Google AdSense don’t like such type of site. And this kind of site will not be approved in AdSense. So, check to confirm that Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google. You also must confirm that your site all the posts are indexed in Google search engine.

16: Daily Page Views Is One of The Major Factors

In some cases, pageviews may impact your site when it comes to Google application verification issues even Google considers optimum page views before approving your application. At the very beginning, your site may not include reasonable page views so you need to wait for some months (4/5 months) until all of your pages get indexed by search engines, directories and you start getting more page views. You can run some SEO techniques to get more and unique visits. Read the following tutorials I think will help you to drive traffic on your starting website or blog.

AdSense is not approved, what to do?

After you apply for AdSense approval if not, the Disapprove reasons will describe in reply mail to understand and take an action. For example, if the message is “Insufficient Contents” then you need to publish more amount of the Contents and re-apply again. Keep in mind, most bloggers have approved AdSense to 0 or even some of the 50 have been approved after applying.

While you are applying and not getting Adsense, or not interested in getting AdSense, then you may like our other article on Top 20 Google AdSense Alternatives.


Done by the above guidelines will be approved by Google AdSense Insha’Allah. But If you are not yet approved, and the disapprove message came then Continue to apply 10 times without any change to the site. Tips that I hope will be useful.

Wish you all Good Luck…!

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