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Top Google AdSense Approval Guidelines

A number of Active earnings Are Google AdSense Undoubtedly in the midst of the most Reliable and long-term income way in online. I would like to say you, many of the bloggers earn more than One thousand dollars in a month. And you also can be a thousand dollars a month earners by reading the later Discuss. However, the earnings require proper planning, patience, and willingness to work. Many folks when AdSense approves Began to realize income! The real work will begin start after the approval of AdSense. The first-time AdSense was very easy to get. But currently somewhat difficult. Don’t worry! Because this article basically will provide detailed guidelines on how easily AdSense can be approved. So, kindly read this post very carefully.

Use Quality Contents

Your content should completely original, fresh and unique. Copy and paste cannot be posted on your site anyway. You should Be Serious to Choose Content Images. Some people think that Google cannot find out any copyrighted image. This idea is totally wrong! Always think that Google is more than smart to you. So, after reading this post be careful to choose content images. If your site already has copyrighted images then remove them immediately. Because if you use copyrighted images then your AdSense will not approve and you will lose your search engine rank.

Even if you using copyrighted images after approving AdSense then you can any time get banned by Google AdSense

Publish Latest, Quality full, and enough Content

Google always approves such types of sites that have Sufficient/enough and good quality content for their visitor. So, you need to make and publish over 35 to 40 high-quality posts on your site before applying for approval.

Build a Niche Site

Make a Niche website by using some related topics in your site content. A niche site will help you to get a better search engine rank and after approving an AdSense account it will help you to earn a good amount of money from AdSense. But some people make their site with Quinary topics. For example, they are use topics like Technology, sports, health, general knowledge, etc. Apply for Google AdSense Such a mixed site will not the easiest approval! However, after approving your AdSense account you can publish posts with different topics. For example, Photoshop Tutorials When creating the site, only Photoshop posts of the tutorial. Here’s do not post Programming Tutorials. However, after approving AdSense you can publish other tutorials.

Remember, do not try to make completely change the topics of your site. Because Google doesn’t like it!

Website Don’t Have AdSense Prohibited Content

Google AdSense prohibited some content. So, you must prohibit those kinds of contents.

Hare is an AdSense Prohibited Topics/Contents list.

  • Adult content
  • Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
    Copyrighted material
  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Sites that offer compensation programs (“pay-to” sites)
  • Sites that use Google Brand features
  • Violent content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Other illegal content

Here you will get more information about Google Publisher content Restrictions

Make SEO Friendly Website

Optimize you Blog Post and pages with proper Meta Tags and description and Make It Search Engine Friendly. To make it easy if you are using WordPress CMS then use any good SEO plugin. i.e. Yoast WordPress SEO, all in SEO, etc.

Create Some Special Page

Build some pages like; About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Table of contents or HTML Sitemap, etc. About us, the page will describe your own or a brief on the site. Similarly, use Site Privacy policy features, the reader How to use site Up to short, etc. And don't forget to submit your site to the google webmaster tool or search engine console.

Use AdSense Supported Language

Create your website by using AdSense supported language. Because Applications for participation in the Google AdSense program can be for sites with content primarily in about 49 languages.

Click here to get the list of AdSense supported in about 49 languages.

Keep Less Advertisement

In a bid to earn money from your new blog or site, you may think that adding a number of ads on your site will help you in earning a good amount of money quickly. If you apply for Google AdSense account for such a site, your application will be rejected. So, to ensure your AdSense approval, you need to remove all the ads from your site before applying for an application.

Design and Navigation on Your Site

Keep your Site Design and navigation very easy and Simple. always try to add some internal links to your every post and page, it will help your reader to find more information. Additional off Color Site looks ugly. Use a good CMS like WordPress or Joomla to design your site. Because these are useful in SEO.

Choose Top-level Domain Name

Google is not approved of such a type of site that has a subdomain. So, your site must have a Top-level Domain Name to get a fully approved AdSense account.

Chose Good Quality Hosting:

Some new bloggers try to use free Web hosting companies, and that’s one reason they are facing continuous rejection of their application. After using free web hosting most of the time their website goes down, and AdSense rejects them. So, my recommendation to them starts blogging after buying good quality hosting. It’s useful easy to get AdSense. Now buying a hosting account is not a very difficult thing. You can buy hosting with something of the cost of money.

Old Website

The older your website is, the better to make the chances of getting AdSense account approval more than a newer website. If you have created a website or blog yesterday and then you are applying for a Google AdSense account approval today, most of the chances are your application will be rejected by Google AdSense!

Old At-least 6 Months

Google introduced a new policy that a site requires to wait 6 months before using AdSense Ads. specifically require publishers from India and China with all of the Asian countries are on the list, but we don’t know what other countries are included. Even though Google hasn’t listed out the countries.

Some blog domain could get approved having less old than 6 months. Even, one of my friends got an AdSense account with just three months old domain. Can you imagine? But, the average domain age for certain geo-location should be 6 months.

Broken Link:

Google thinks that if any site has a lot of broken links (the link does not work) the site is under construction. Google search engine and Google AdSense don’t like such type of site. And this kind of site will not be approved in AdSense. So, check to confirm that Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google. You also must confirm that your site all the posts are indexed in the Google search engine.

AdSense is not approved, What to Do?

After you apply for AdSense approval if not, the Disapprove reasons will describe in reply mail to understand and take an action. For example, if the message is “Insufficient Contents” then you need to publish more amount of the Contents and re-apply again. Keep in mind, most bloggers have approved AdSense to 0 or even some of the 50 have been approved after apply.


Done in accordance with the above guidelines will be approved by Google AdSense Insha’Allah. But If you are not yet approved, and the disapprove message came then Continue to apply 10 times without any change to the site. Tips that I hope will be useful. Thanks to everyone.

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