Top 7 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Recently I share the On-page Search Engine Optimization tips to optimize your blog for search engines to get higher rankings. With Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to get quality traffic from other blogs and websites to other blogs.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is also important as On-Page SEO. It is also useful for search engines. They also see how many quality backlinks do you have on other blogs. You can also get higher rankings from search engines if you have more and more backlinks. I will share the right ways of Off-Page SEO here.

1. Guest Posting

This is a way to introduce yourself to the new audience and get them towards your blog and get quality backlinks too. Pro bloggers always use this strategy to get quality traffic. Choose an appropriate blog to comment on to get the full benefit. Minimum Requirements for a 600+ words quality post, Alexa: 100k (or less) and Daily unique visitors: 250(or more). So you can get at least 50 visitors to your blog.

You can get 2 Dofollow backlinks to your blog. Write a nice author bio so they get attracted to your blog. Don’t forget to write something about your blog in the author bio so they can know what your blog is about and visit it.

2. Commenting

Commenting on other blogs can also create some quality backlinks to your blog. Use blogs with higher rankings and High PR to comment on. Don’t be a spammer to comment on other blogs. Share your views and from it earn a backlink.

3. Social Media

Social media works a lot to get traffic. It’s my experience that I increased my traffic by 60% from social media. You can install a Social Media share bar to be social Friendly.z

4. Blog Directories

You can post a link to your blog post on the home page of the directory. They are not free but they bring huge traffic to you at a small price. Blog Engage is the best blog directory where you can place your own post or write a new post there. You don’t have to pay so much money. They have so low and reasonable prices that everyone can buy a plan.

6. Forums

You should be active in forums and create high-quality backlinks from them. You must find at least 5-10 forums related to your blog niche and be active there. Once you become popular there then you will get a huge number of traffic from forums.

7. Web Directories

This sounds a bit old way. Yeah, it is too. Still, you can get some traffic from popular web directories. Add your blog to some popular web directories in the right category. Once you come on that list then the backlink will last forever and will give you visitors. Some web directories are free where some are paid or they exchange link with you.

Don’t forget to share your views and other Off-Page SEO tricks via commenting here.

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