Top 15 SEO Tips for Website

Hurry to do SEO for your favorite website. Then you are exactly right! I used to take a long time and all of you through the grind of reading hundreds of pages, and leave you confused, even after that, wondering what to do next.

Here are the top 15 SEO tips site – Follow forget them or rank in search engines (note that this product, what do you do things on his own website to SEO and link building, social media strategies, etc . shall have): –

1) Keyword Analysis – Once you know what are the keywords for your own domain you are all set to change your site to search, SEO friendly.

2) Web site title – consider one of the most important meta-search engines. Make sure some of the phrases you use the keyword analysis to find the most wanted. Google shows 67 characters, while Yahoo shows 75 Keyword relevancy is considered 80 characters – so make sure (currently going over) the titles to 80. Use all the sentences, the best content on the website (do not use the phrase, just because it looked more – should be responsible for the content of the good). There is always a good idea, the name of the site at the end of the title set – this ensures that we use it. A separate brand title, a pipe symbol – “

3) Site Description – Another very important meta tags are now heavily used by Google to recognize the relevance of the contents of the search term. The description is important for two reasons – one for search engines, and the other users – that’s what they’re looking for in your SE. A brief description, if you will appear in search results is this. You will see if this part of the text-only search engines you try a very low click his results you higher on the search results page by the search, but at the same time, even if you lose in the long run. How the search engines push back if they give you a little click through if you presented your link in the search results Make certainly see that you have a great description of the user and a call to action for what he finds when he clicks on a link to write. You can try as many keywords as you squeeze grammatically correct form. Make sure that the brand name (site name) in the first sentence of the description will be shown – that brand affinity for the users. Trust me, you may be in the longer term with the branding to spread around the user. The description should not exceed 255 characters. Google shows 150 characters, while Yahoo shows 250

4) Fix URLs in your site, make it more search-friendly – is a short sweet clean URL.  All URLs should be static.


URL format is a bad URL.Take the URL of a static eg models/Honda/Honda_City_ZX

is much better than the URL, and easy for search engines to only crawl, but some points to give to the relevance of the URL because the keywords contain the user to “Honda City car models” at the top. To create the URL (in this example is not perfect) – _ and change. Search engines such as “-” more and treat the words separated by – as separate words.

5) Not content duplication – under any circumstances, the contents of two pages on the site have the same meaning no two static URLs should never show the same content. Search engines compete to have a hard time ranking for your pages and pages on your site to another (now you thought search engines would be smart.)

6) Does not the title, description, keywords duplication – None of the pages on your site should have the same title, description, or keywords. If they go to in order to compete against each other.

7) Adding keywords – Now add all the keywords you found relevant to the page that you put it. Limit the size of the keywords to 150 characters. Do not go over that, or search engines may think of you as spam. Not repeat keywords over and over again. Try to avoid using the same set as part of more than a few times.

More H1 tag – more H1-day, preferably on top of the page and the same as the title page.

9) Add multiple H2 tags – to repeat some of the most important words in the description or title your H2 tags. Break the content of your page, so that the important keywords are in H2 tags. Try to see the top half only once.

10) link to your own website – Make sure all the important pages at least 8 different pages link to your website. Although the combined application on the appropriate link in the text, preferably the same as the title of the page (or at least remarkably keyword nameplate). This has a huge impact. No more than 100 links to your site.

11) New pages link to home page – where more pages indexed by the use of our website link for them sometimes.

12) Alt tag images – Images must be in alt tags that best describe the picture (and preferably the keywords you are targeting on the page).

13) on external links – Enter only the quality of outbound links on your site. Dong change in the trap of adding a link to your website, drop links to spam sites. it will only damage the long-term investments. For all outbound links, the link you want to happen juice use the “nofollow” attribute on an anchor tag.

14) Return-Path – Is the bread crumb on every page of your site. Link to the tracks is also useful for navigation and search engine users back, move to the hierarchy, and provide a link juice after the place.

15) Include a site map page and give it to you – Are all the links in a tree structure (as it is placed crumb Organization) a site map. Add this page to enter a link at the bottom of the page title. Also submit your sitemap to Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

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