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Tips to Reduce Your Blogger Blog Load Time

Blog load time is very important to increase your blog traffic. Because people don't like websites or web pages that are load very slowly. Major search engines like; google very careful about any website or blog load time. For this reason blog load time is now doing a major role in getting the best ranking on the search results page and to make good earnings. Because without good blog post views your ad impression will be low and that's why your earning will low accordingly. So, let's read some useful tips that can help you to reduce your blogger blog loading time.

Homepage Posts

Blogger homepage posts mean in one page what list of the post is important for faster blogger loading you must decrease to showing more posts in blogger page. Also, you can edit the number of posts by going to our design page element section then their click post gadget then edits post numbers to show posts. Mainly bloggers are horizontally showing all posts if you are interested to design the homepage style with two horizontal and four or five posts are thumbnail then it gives you better look and better loading speed. In blogger, bloggers need to show this trick some code.

Sidebar Widgets

Some bloggers use a ton of unnecessary widgets to their blog sidebar or others area. That's why their blog load very slowly. To avoid this type of situation you have to remember to use fewer widgets to your blog as you can. Try to remove widgets like; Blog's stats,  Blog List, List, etc.

Jump Break

The jump-break means adding a read-more link in your posts. The Jump-break is giving your blogger loading time first and a faster-reading experience. Blogger blogs are always using JavaScript codes to decorating her read-more link by adding some animation images but doing this thing is not necessary and also you can add a simple Readmore image to decorating then no need to adding any animation images. On the Blogger post editor page, you can easily add the read-more link in your post then you no need to add the automatic read more hack in your template.

Blogger Templates

Blogger default templates are loading very fast then other the custom templates are loading very slow because of many reasons. In the main blogger, if you using many images in templates then it's taking much more time while loading. Mainly many websites are selling many blogger templates and also many templates are available free of cost then they are using bigger images like 1GB images on her templates then automatically your blogger loading time is taking much more time. In some sites are written many types of tips to increase blogger load time but some tips are not working correctly because of using some codes that’s why our site going to posting some valuable tricks that one blogger can easily increase her blogger load time and also increasing blogger earning.

Background Image

In blogger custom templates are using many images in the background then if you do not replace the background image instead of color code then you not getting much more visitors. Also many are using many different style images in post background but it this not important to decorate using images but you may be decorated with color codes to increase blogger load time. Blogger blogs mainly default templates are best for faster-loading speed because they are not added non-importance JavaScript codes than our site always recommended using blogger default templates.

Footer Section

Blogger footer section loading is always much time because the footer is not easy to find the style codes and also blogger default templates footer is better loading speed more than custom templates loading speed. The blogger blog sidebar two sections is there to adding much more gadgets than no need to using the footer section and also the footer section is loading after your blogger others thins are loading is done.

JavaScript Codes

Many times some technical bloggers are directly posting JavaScript codes in their posts then it will decrease the loading speed.  And some technical bloggers are using many big animation images in their posts for attracting readers but by doing this work you will lose 50% of readers for your post. Then the better way is to not using this thing in your post.

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