Tips To Increase The Readability Of Your Blog

Photo Quality

Everyone does not have a good camera, and even when they have it, is not always obvious how to use it properly. That is why you should try to learn to retouch photos with photoshopping software.

Use a Dark Font on a Light Background

This is just the normal readable blog. You should put a darker font on a lighter background. The only alternative that has ever worked is a black background with white writing, but even then it is a lot harder to read than regular old black on a white background.

Left-aligned text is easier to read on the Internet. It is not necessarily the prettiest but is by far the easiest to read because different length lines give the reader an additional visual cue which prevents the reader from jumping lines.

Do not Index Pointless Pages

Avoid indexing your admin pages which are useless to readers. Do not have your login pages indexed either or your archive pages, etc. You can put these pages as Nofollow or noIndex pages so that they are not needlessly indexed by Google.

Grow the Community

Reach out to others. You should never hesitate to take the first step. When writing a blog, we are trying to establish a dialogue. Keep a personal blog that is full of articles and posts about you. Just be careful you do not write too much about yourself to the point where it becomes boring.


If you want your visitors to stick around for a while then you will need to pay attention to your choice of colors, fonts, and blog backgrounds. If you do not know what to choose, then go for the more sober decor. Very often if you go for the bright and flashy it will come across as a very big misfire.

Give Your Readers the Opportunity to Read Your Other Articles

The simplest way is to insert related links at the bottom of your articles. Add a series of articles that relate to the same theme. You can also include in your posts links back to your old pages. In other words, just make sure your article is very well linked up.

Weight of Photos

Some blogs take too long to load because the photos are too heavy, so visitors do not stay. Before putting a photo from your digital camera to your blog, think about preparing it with photo optimization software. There are several ways to do this such as lowering the resolution, physical size, and changing the file type. It will take you some time to optimize all of your photos but the effort is worth it.

How do we Get White Space?

You are looking at it now. This article has smaller paragraphs which makes them easier to read because they have big chunky white spaces between the lines. There are also headers that make understanding the paragraphs a little easier and help to increase the amount of white space. You should also look at the font and the size of the font, as that is a factor too. All of this adds up to an article that is easier on the eyes because there is a lot of white space.

Check your Blog on Mobile Devices Too

This is imperative. Even if you do not have a responsive blog and you don’t care about mobile websites, you still need to check your blog on a mobile device. If it looks difficult to read or you have to do a lot of scrolling, then seriously consider changing it. You will be surprised how many of your RSS followers are using a mobile device to read your blog whilst they are on the train and on the bus.

Even if you are not considering appealing to the mobile user, the fact is that you can appease them and allow them to look at your website with quite a bit of ease if you just go that extra mile and do it for them.

Too Much Scrolling on a Mobile Screen

If this is the case, it is because the screen has been condensed from left to right. This does not happen very much with the traditional blog format because it rarely stretches text from one side of the page to the other. It is usually a box of text in the middle of the screen. Nevertheless, you should work to make the page accessible via mobile phones without people having to scroll down your compressed pages.

Use Headers that Explain the Paragraph

This header on this article helps to improve the white space score. They also help to introduce the paragraphs they sit ahead of. This is a very clever trick for two reasons. Firstly, you will gain a lot of goodwill if you put in headers because it makes it easier to skim read your blog post, and people like skim reading more than regular reading.

Secondly, you can make your paragraphs a lot more concise because, in essence, the header acts like the paragraph introduction. You miss out on having to write two or three lines of having to lead people into the paragraph because they already have an idea of what it is about. Try to keep your paragraphs short too, and break them up as you see with this paragraph and the one above (as they would work better as one paragraph on another medium).

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