Tips to Drive Social Media Traffic Towards Your Blog

Bloggers have different ideas and thoughts behind their blogs and sites, some try to make their name famous through blogging, some of them try to make money to afford their expenditures or support their families and some of them love to meet new people so they start blogging. All these things are possible when a blogger gets success in blogging and in driving a good amount of traffic towards their blogs. Because without a good amount of traffic you can’t achieve your goals.

There are tons of ways and creative ideas to drive huge traffic toward our sites or blogs but today here we’re going to discuss that how can we receive huge traffic especially from social media sites. The reason for driving traffic from social media sites is that everyone is on social sites just to meet their friends, family, or loved ones online on the internet. According to my thinking, about 70% of people in this world are using social sites and this is a great opportunity for bloggers as well as webmasters to drive traffic from there.

Ideas To Boost Traffic Through Social Media Sites

01# – Create Pages, Groups, and Communications On Social Sites

The first idea is that we should create the pages, groups, and communications on social sites but they should have the name of your blog. For example, if I want to create a group then my blog is “MyTechBrand” after then I’ll also place the same name “MyTechBrand” on the fan page, group, or any communication. This will just spread the name of your brand on the internet and people will also know that this is the official place for your brand. After that, just invite your friends there in that group, share the content of your site in those groups and also discuss with the members.

2 # -Beautify Content While Sharing On Social Sites

Before sharing your hot content on social media sites you should beautify it because most people get attracted to stylish content shared by others. Let me give you some tips, first of all, make use of a proper and interesting headline which everyone should read and land on your site. Images are another thing that also gives attention to people for visiting your content. Simply, try to make the content beautiful as more as you can while sharing on social media sites because it attracts people and will increase the number of visitors.

3 # – Request Pro To Share Your Posts

Make a list of professional bloggers in your niche. Contact them by email and get their social profiles and request them to share your latest post with their friends. I know everyone will not share your post but if you ask 40 to 60 then at least 5 to 10 share your post on their profiles. The reason for asking pros in your niche is that they always have a good number of fans in their social accounts and once if they share your posts on their profiles then you can get awesome traffic.

4 # – Join Groups Related To Your Niche

Find the best groups related to your niche on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other related social media groups and share your post on them. Try to post on at least 10 to 20 groups. And not only share but interact with other members and help them and tell them about your blog. You should those groups which may be popular in your niche and have huge members because they can be converted into visitors. Before sharing in groups, you should check that if that group allows sharing links otherwise you can get banned.

5 # – Implement Social Sharing Widgets

This is the last and most important thing you should implement social sharing widgets on your site or blog. I recommend adding some attractive and stylish social sharing buttons which may attract your visitors to share that content on their social profiles. Another thing that widget you may use may have almost all popular social sites so that people may share it on different sites. If you get a total of 20 shares every day then you will be getting good traffic automatically generated by your visitors.

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