Tips To Choose A Good Domain Name

Right, and Perfect picking of domain names with targeted keywords related to the niche is always a good step. Experienced one always goes for a good domain but the new bloggers can’t and he should know how to choose the best domain?

Before choosing a domain you have to choose a niche. Niche means topic. Topic on which your blog is known as a niche. Does a niche is important? Yes. A niche is a selected topic to blog. You have unlimited content for some niches and limited content to topics. So niche tells how to and how much to blog?  For example, if you choose trigonometry in the subject match as your niche, you would be able to blog on only trigonometry problems and solutions. That would be fixed to certain content. But what about a blog of niche “news”. For every minute and every hour news updates. So he can blog up to unlimited content if he chooses a news niche.

Guide To Choosing the Best Domain Name

Smart and short domain

A short domain can be remembered by many and many. Using a short domain would make visitors remember and come back to your blog directly to check your latest posts. A long domain is neglected. So don’t go for the long domain. sounds nice, but it is long. Think as if you are visiting this website directly by typing the URL in the address bar. Do you like to type or a short is fast and remembered?

For example, a domain name like “” can have an alternate like “” you have chosen these two good domain names. But filter from them and use the best domain that is easy to type, remember and share easily. wins.

Use keywords in your domain

A domain name with keywords helps in search results to be top. Many ask me a question is a domain name with keywords is essential? I have two answers for this. The first answer is yes, you get well experience using Google or any search engines on this issue. Secondly, no, for example, take a look at A pro blogger from Nigeria maintains a multi-niche blog. And the domain name doesn’t contain any keywords like blogger, WordPress, or TechCrunch.  Another example is, the awesome site one of the best leading sites in INDIA.

How these domains got successful:

It surely depends on what you blog. They stick to their niche and target their niche. They post unique and quality content without making all rubbish including. Always try to develop a keyword related to your blog to increase traffic from search engines.

Don’t use hyphens and numbers

Prevent using hyphens. Using hyphens doesn’t make your blog look like a professional domain. You can use the number in your domain unless that’s your last search. As hyphens are not used more. You can get your required domain-containing hyphen. If you use hyphens there is the possibility to give an advantage to your competitor. Like users may forget to use hyphens because it not well used in domains. Users may enter instead of your domain like So don’t let your competitors take advantage of your domain.

Choosing top-level domains

Many think of a few dollars, that should be paid to the registrar for top-level domains and go for poor domain extensions. If you ask me to suggest the best domain name extensions, I would recommend going for .com .net and .org. These are the best top-level domain (TLDs) that would surely give a good ranking in search results. Don’t go for country-level domains like .in, .uk these won’t get good priority and advertisers hate domains with country-specific extensions. If you have a personal market or shop that you serve only locally and not worldwide then you can go for your country domain name extension.

Go for company name

You know many websites raise today and no stop for internet services. If you own a company then must choose a company name followed by a company title to your blog. This is the best way to choose a domain name. If you own a company like ABC, then directly to Users remember your brand so go for if possible.

What about expired domains?

A good question was raised. Domain names get expired as per user registration. Mostly go for one year, the reason is no success with their website. They work hard and develop quality backlinks and page rank. But they don’t stick to their domain. So purchasing an expired domain and using it comes under Black Hat SEO techniques. It’s your own risk.  How to use this in White Hat SEO? Before purchasing check the domain niche, purchase a domain related to your niche only, and start posting quality content related to the niche. This helps you.

Final Words

By picking perfect domain names, you have your own ideas. This post gives you some tips and awareness while you choose a good domain. Domain names with keywords are not essential. But you should have high-quality and unique content to develop a rich keyword to your domain as ShoutMeLoudand, Don Caprio, etc.., name your title after your domain name this helps users to easily notify your site. Drop a comment with your own unique Idea that will help to choose a good domain name or if I missed up anything in this post.

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