Time Based Niche Sites a Great Way to Make Money In Short Time

niche site means a website that is on a specific topic only. For example; a website on divorce laws Is a niche site because it targets a specific topic. On the other hand, sites like HuffPost.com which are covering hundreds of different topics will not be considered niche sites. Now coming to Time Based niche website. It’s a website that is made for a specific time for an upcoming event.

For example, If someone will create a website for FIFA World Cup 2022 then It will be considered as a time-based Niche website because of Its for a specific upcoming event. Making a time-based Niche site can be a great way of making huge money In a short period.

The reason for this Is that during that event to which your website is targeting you will get huge expose of traffic due to which you can make thousands of dollars. However, It can only happen If you target a good event, work with the right strategy, produce quality content and do proper SEO.

I was reading a post of an Indian blogger Imran Uddin the founder of alltechbuzz.net who made a time-based Niche website in December 2013 about New Year 2014 Wallpapers and he was able to earn $2000 in Just 7 days.

Now Let Me tell you all the steps of making a successful niche website:

  1.  First of all, choose the right event that is popular and coming in the future. For example, FIFA World Cup and T20 World Cup are coming in the future. these are good topics to make websites on.
  2. Your next step should be choosing the right domain name. It’s better to choose an Exact match domain EMD because Google still gives some edge to EMD despite their EMD algorithm update.
  3. You can start the site on any platform no matter it’s blogger or WordPress. now choose a good theme. try to choose a High CTR because your main aim is to make money with the niche site.
  4. Like all other sites producing high-quality content with proper On-Page SEO is most important for a niche site. build lots of good quality relevant content on your niche sites. use different Keyword tools to find the right keywords.
  5. Now you need to build some backlinks to Rank high in Search Engines. you can use Web 2.0, social media, directories to build some links.
  6. Monetize your site with Adsense or any other good ad network to earn money.

by following these steps you can build great Niche sites that Are time-based. target an event that is coming soon in the future and apply all the tips that I have shared above. you will be surprised by the results.

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