The 5 Most Important SEO Factors

When it is about increasing organic traffic, it is definitely a must that one practice efficient on-page SEO and powerful Off-page SEO as well. This is the only major key to the door of organic traffic. When SEO is practiced faultlessly and properly, organic traffic always flows in. You must definitely know that there are several SEO factors, but should also know that there are a few very important and crucial factors among them. Mentioned below are some of the critical SEO factors that you should take care of.

Usage Of Keywords

The most important SEO factor is the usage of keywords. This is not about keyword density, but about the proper usage of the keywords which will eventually give a pretty good keyword density. Remember that it is not at all important to focus on keyword density because it comes naturally to the usage of the keywords. All the following factors are directly related to the usage of keywords. This means that if you properly use the keywords within the other factors mentioned below, it should work wonders for you.


The title of any post, for e.g – The 5 Most Important SEO Factors, plays a very crucial role in the search engine rankings. For example, if the post is about ‘harvesting seeds’ and the title talks about ‘planting seeds’, then the whole scene will be upside down. You must surely be knowing that search engines fetch the title of any post/page from the <title> tags. Therefore, the on-page title can be whatever you want but the main ‘Meta’ title should be just what you want to show in the search engines. All you have to focus is using the keyword within your title.


Another main SEO factor is the URL of the post. WordPress easily allows you to edit the URL of any post/page. Therefore, one should make the best of the same. The URL should be as short as possible so that it looks clean and simple in the SERPs. The image below shows how you can edit the URL in WordPress.

To make sure your URL is properly optimized, all you have to focus on is the usage of keywords in it. For example, in the image above, it can be shorted to ‘important-SEO-factors’ and yet it will work much better.

Linking (Inter and Outbound)

Remember that an article shouldn’t be completely empty. There have to be linked in it. The links can be interlinks (in the same site/blog) or they can even be outbound links with or without the ‘nofollow’ tag. You can read our article on effective interlinking and check how beneficial interlinking could prove to be.

Outbound links, on the other hand, are also very important because those links provide value to the readers and therefore the search engines do appreciate such links. The only thing needed to take care when linking to other sites is that the destination sites possess quality and are reputed.


Last but certainly not the least, quality always speaks for itself. Google has been saying this since a long time, especially in recent times because of Google’s frequent algorithm changes that are focusing and prioritizing quality at a very high level. Matt Cutts, in most of his videos (where applicable), speaks about the quality and this proves that it does play a very crucial role or the most crucial role for that matter.


Those were five very vital SEO factors that you should or must definitely practice in order to fetch great organic traffic and therefore increase your reputation online and get better CTRs on SERPs.

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