The 4 Popular Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Why do you start a blog? There may have many different answers to these simple questions. Lots of bloggers are currently blogging as they would like to express their own opinions, event diary, lifestyle in their own world. And there are also many business bloggers who make blogging real online business and their blogs bring in income for hosting service, domain name, or even make blog auto cash-generating machine. In this Hub, I’ll make a list of 3 surefire ways to make money from blogging

Join Affiliate Program

Affiliate is one of the most effective methods to monetize the blog as it is fast and easy. You receive a commission for each sale made on autopilot through your blog. The model is quite simple, Select a profitable niche market, do serious research in the market to find out which problems, difficulties the target customers are having, then choose an affiliate product, What you need to do in the long run is drive traffic to the merchant website, it is often a sales copy page

For example: Write a review post and publish it on the blog, the more page views for that review, there more chance sales come in. You do not need to offer one and one consultants on why the customer should buy this product. There are many affiliate networks to choose from, Do not overcomplicate things, you can start with the Amazon program if you have a special interest in reading books. Amazon now provides tons of valuable books, both physical and digital ( ebook ).

Clickbank or E-Junkie

If you are used to selling ebooks and digital products online, you should hear of Clickbank. In my opinion, Clickbank is the best choice to browse for products as there are so many vendors with outstanding products to choose from based on the Niche. E-junkie is another marketplace that is not as well known as Clickbank but has great features for people wanting to sell their own digital product. Even if you don’t have your own product to sell, you can easily sell any of the other thousands of products available from the e-junkie marketplace.

Give Out Free eBook with Affiliate Links

Instead of selling an ebook, you can give one away for free. Completely free. However, you can add affiliate links to the content of the book so if the reader decides to purchase something and clicks on the link, you earn a commission. Pretty clever, right?

After having your own free ebook, It is easier to promote a giveaway, we can build a list and a front sale very soon.

Sell Your Own Information Products

This is the most profitable business model, be it offline or online you can earn 100% of the revenue, depending on how you promote your information product. An information product can be anything digital such as audio, video, an ebook that can be downloaded easily, creating and selling your own products can be a great way to make money online. There are many successful people creating and getting good results from selling their own products in various niches

You can promote your own information product on your website or publish on the Clickbank marketplace, set up an affiliate program, and let the affiliates do all the work. Of course, you’ll be sharing a significant profit of the revenue to the affiliate staff, from 25% up to 75% but remember, they’re doing all the work for you.

Affiliate Blogging

What is the difference between normal with business bloggers? If you are a divorce lawyer, don’t blog about divorce. Blog about the inspirational stories that come out of divorce. Blog about the client who found herself again. Blog about the client who reawakened his love for bowling. Blog about the client who re-married her husband for a second time. As a business blogger, you should give inspiration to the audience, motivate them and encourage them to use quality solutions.

Do the Freelancing hob on your blog. It is your blog in the first place so why not showcase your skills on it? Offering freelancing services like writing, editing and designing can help you earn extra money and establish yourself. You can offer your own service such as content management, sales copywriting via your blog. The work is quite simple with your specialized skills, sometimes they may even want some very complex work done, such as programming, template design project, creating HTML pages/website development, or other technical contracts

Sell Ad Space On Your Blog

This one is limited and you will only do well if you are bringing in a high number of readers. Building a high number of readers and subscribers takes a lot of work but if you’re up for some experimenting.

Make money with Adsense ads niche website

Build a niche website and monetize it with Adsense Google, this is the best monetizing method nowadays, you can also choose Chitika or any PTC network that offers many ads. Moreover, when the traffic increases a lot, you can join the CPM network, you receive commissions for every thousand views.

This is the most common thing you can do in order to generate income with yours. If your blog is well known in a particular place, then you’re most likely to be able to sell ad space on your own. There are services wherein bloggers can establish ad programs. Online advertising offers three primary types of ads bloggers can use to make money from their blogs.

Pay-per-click: The advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on ads

Pay-per-impression ( CPM ): The advertiser pays the blogger each time the ad appears on the blog’s page 1000 times

Pay-per-action: The advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action such as making a purchase.

Contextual Ads: Contextual ads are typically pay-per-click ads. The ads are delivered based on the content of the page on the blog where the ads will be displayed. In theory, the ads shown on the page should be relevant to the content of the page thereby increasing the chance that someone will click on them.

Text Link Ads: Ads that are not served based on the content of a blog’s page but rather are placed based on specific text in the posts of a blog are called text link ads. Text Link Brokers and Text-Link-Ads are examples of text link advertising opportunities.


Your blog can be used in tons of ways. Maximize it in order to earn some extra cash or to simply just share your thoughts and opinions with others. Simple jobs like blogging can even improve your credit score and credit report so try to keep it up. It will all be worth it in the end. Your blog supports online training product offerings. Did you develop the blog first, and then adopt that business model, or develop the business first, then build the blog for your business now?

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