Reasons Why You Should Use Google Search Console For Your Site

Google Search Console previously known as Google Webmaster Tools is a free service for the Website/Blog owners made by Google which helps Webmasters to know about how their website is indexed in Google, site performance, and also provides other useful features. Google Search Console website was launched in the year 2010 in which Google continues to make improvements with time. Most recently Google introduced many new useful features in the Search Console.

Web experts recommend all webmasters to use Google Search Console For their websites because there are many benefits of doing so.

9 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Search Console For Your Site

Following are some of these benefits that I am going to write:

Submitting Sitemap

By using Google Search Console you can submit a sitemap of your website to Google Search which helps in quick indexing of your web pages. A sitemap tells Search Engines about all the pages that exist on your site which helps to index your site more easily and effectively.


Using webmasters tools you can also tell Google how to crawl your website. You can also increase or decrease the crawling speed.

Index Status

You can also check the index status of your website pages with help of Google Search Console. You will get to know how many of your site pages are not indexed in Google and why?


With help of Webmaster tools, you can also find the keywords for which your site is ranked higher and the keywords that are bringing the traffic. It will help you greatly to write more content on those keywords to drive more traffic to your site.

Crawl issues

If Google finds any crawl issues on your site then you will be notified through Google Search Console. this is how you can fix those issues. without these tools, you can’t find out about those errors.

Preferred domain

Using GWT you can also set a Preferred domain for your site with WWW or without WWW. If you plan to use a custom domain on your blogger blog then this tool is really Important to set one of the preferred domains with or without WWW.

Finding Malware

if your website contains any Malware virus then you will be notified through GWT about it and you can remove the Malware.


You can also check the internal-external links to your site with these tools. recently Google also introduced disallow tool for disallowing poor backlinks of your website in the Webmasters tools.

Manual Penalty

if Google ever manually penalizes your website for some reason then you are informed about it through Google Search Console. if you will not be using these tools then you will never be able to find out the reason for the penalty. recently Google has launched a separate option for Manual Spam action in Webmasters tools.

These are the 9 reasons due to which I will recommend every Website/Blog owner to must use Google Search Console. Webmasters tools can greatly help you to optimize your website for the search engines like Google. another good tool that helps Webmasters greatly to find out about traffic of their sites is Google Analytics so also try it.

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