Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Content

Blogging is a way to share your experiences and advice as well as your knowledge. We write on a blog to get people from all over the world to read your content. Won’t you feel bad if people are not reading your content? Getting people to come on to your blog or your website is hard enough. This is why it is a little heartbreaking when they do not read your content. A high bounce rate is really eye-popping for a guy who works day and night to get more visitors to his blog. Here are seven simple reasons why your content is not being read. Take an example.

What’s the use of me writing this article if you are not going to read it. It will be really bad for me as I worked a lot to write this article and you guys not even coming to visit it. People will not come simply to your blog. You should make them come to your blog which is quite simple if you write unique content and optimize it for the search engines with a mixture of social media sharing. But, there are some on-page factors that contribute to the unwillingness of people to read your content. Well, I have listed out 7 main reasons why people are not reading the content that you are producing from your mind.

Why Your Content Is Not Being Read

1# Not Easy To Read The Main Points

Do you think people are reading each and every word of every article they see on the internet? They only check out the main points of your article. Only if they liked the concept of the article, they are going to read the full content. So, make the main points more descriptive and maybe you can differentiate the main points and keywords from the content by making these bold. People are just going to read the main points first. So, make it easier for them to find out the main points. Don’t try to make your words together in big paragraphs and do not use small fonts. Do not make the mistake of using a script or italic text because it is hard to read on a screen.

2# Caring More About Advertisements

This is one of those things where people strike an unhealthy balance. Even if you are not a greedy webmaster, it is still possible to go overboard with your adverts. It is understandable that you want to make the most of your web content and so have installed lots of adverts, but people are not keen on reading content that is laden with adverts. The adverts that are links to the actual text are annoying. It pops an advert up and obscures the text when people accidentally scroll over it, but that is not the worst type. The pop-up widgets that demand you sign in to Facebook and click “like” before reading is the worst idea ever. Pop up adverts are often enough on their own to make people not want to read your text. There are also annoying adverts that cause people to bounce so quickly that they never even see your text. The most annoying is auto-start adverts and audio. Advertisers will tell you that people will simply turn off the video or audio if they do not like it, but this is not true. People will close the window or tab if they even hear it. Do not forget that many people search engine results pages by opening new tabs and looking through them. They will close all the tabs immediately if they have to suffer your auto-start adverts.

3# Compatibility Issues – Responsiveness

It could be that your content is not readable on some operating systems or browsers. But, the most common reason is that it is inconvenient to read. Things such as the screen only showing one half of the sentence makes it too difficult to read. People have to scroll both lefts to right and then down, and most do not have the patience for it. Make your theme responsive, that’s the only way to defeat compatibility issue. I thought, my blog theme was superb until I checked my blog on an iPhone. That was a really bad experience as I was not able to read almost anything. I had to change the theme. It was totally unresponsive

4# Boring Content – Spun Articles

Do you watch a film which you already watched a lot of times? Do you read the same book thousands of times again and again? That is the current stage of our blogging world. The same kind of articles can be seen here and there in a cunning disguise. There is some content that cannot help being boring, but if you have targeted the right readers then it should not matter. For example, how the lighting director on a movie made Goldie Hawn look younger may be of no interest to some, but of great interest to others.

 5# Posts Made Of Grammar Mistakes

If your content looks like it belongs in an email to a friend, then people are probably going to not want to read it. If your content is poorly written, or worse still is spun, then people will not read. They have better things to do that reading your article which is full of grammar mistakes. When we finish writing a post,
the post thing that we should do is revising the post for spelling mistakes and other unwanted grammar mistakes.

6# Choosing A Bad Theme

It is possible to put people off by simply choosing the wrong web design. When people look up certain things then they expect certain things. If people are looking up advice on health/illness, then a simple white background is going to be more effective than multicoloured bubbles. The content of your website may be ideal, but if the web design does not fit with the expectations of the target reader, then people will not look at it.

7# Making Your Blog An Advertisement Market

This is a bigger factor than most people realize, and yet when you point it out to people it seems obvious. Let’s say you have written a piece about how every expertise in the world has a secret behind it and that is why some people seem to be born with the skill or very good at what they do. Such a theory is going to take some explaining and people are automatically going to assume you are blowing smoke because you think the world is a magical place instead of what it is (a dying rock falling through space). You may create a very good explanation of your theory, but if your advert in the top right is advertising penis enlargement or anti-depression pills then people are not going to take you seriously. Do you think people would take news programs seriously if they run small adverts in the top corner for anti-wrinkle miracle cures?

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