Questions to Ask Before You Start Guest Posting on Your Blog

Don’t have much time to write? Naturally, inviting guest authors to your blog is the first thing that would come to your mind. Guest blogging is a great time saver and can help your blog to perform consistently without losing any traffic or readers. But do you really know when you should start guest posting on your blog? What is the right time to invite guest authors?

Let’s talk practically. Many people just start a blog and make some around 10-20 posts and Boom!!! They are tired or don’t get time or whatever excuse; they join guest posting services, start inviting guest authors without any research or knowledge, and even without setting any goal or guidelines for guest posting. If you are one of them, then don’t worry it’s natural if you just put your toe in the big ocean of the blogosphere. Humans are born to make mistakes but obviously, we can learn from our mistakes as well. In today’s post, we will let you know a list of questions that will help you decide what exactly is the right time to start guest posting on your blog.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Guest Posting

Is my blog popular enough?

This is the very first question you MUST ask yourself before going any further. A guest blogger’s main aim is to build quality backlinks that have the potential to boost their blog’s SEO. They won’t have much interest in posting on newly launched blogs or blogs which do not have good traffic or search engine rank or on blogs that do not have much reputation. If your blog is not popular enough, don’t give up. Write more, give more time to your blog, make it popular and wait for the right time. Others can just move on to the question.

Do my blog really need guest posts?

So you have a popular blog huh? But does your blog really need guest posts? You need to analyze whether your readers are ok if you don’t post regularly or just don’t come again if you don’t have a new post daily or every second day. This can easily be done by keeping a watch on your traffic with the help of Google Analytics or any similar service.

How many guest posts are required weekly?

Now you need to decide how many guest posts in a week your blog will need. 2-3 in a week is fine enough but not more than that or else the readers will feel you yourself are not spending much time on your blog. They may feel the blog is running just because of guest posts. So 2-3 guest posts should be fine for a week and also decide on which days you will publish them.

How many guest authors should I limit?

You may be thinking ‘what kind of a question is this?‘ The reason you need to ask this question is that apart from keeping your blog active with guest posting, you even need to take care of your blog’s SEO. If you have too many guest authors, then naturally you will have more dofollow outgoing links to different blogs which is not so good. So the advice is to get more posts by limited authors.

Are my guest posting guidelines reasonable enough?

Make sure your guest posting rules are not too harsh and somewhat meet the industry standards. But also keep in mind that you are not too lenient with the quality of the articles of the idea of guest posting may become a curse for your blog.

I promise I won’t just depend on guest posting.

This is more of a commitment to make rather than a question to ask. You need to promise yourself that you will not just depend on guest posting because guest posting is somewhat a temporary solution. If you depend solely on guest posting, then you may lose your writing habit and you may face problems when you have no guest posts left in your hands.


Those were some standard questions you must ask before starting guest posting on your blog. Plenty of other questions may pop up in your mind and we advise you don’t leave them unanswered. We hope you now have the ability to decide what is the right time for your blog to accept guest posts. If you have any other ideas or an important question to ask yourself regarding guest posting, then do share with us in the comments.

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