Off Page SEO Techniques For New Bloggers

Apart from best On-Page SEO optimization, the next importance should be given to Off-Page SEO techniques. So your On-page SEO tips help search engines easily crawl your post and index in search engines. So target more on On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO included many reasons and frankly, it includes talent. So prove it. Off-Page SEO which means apart from writing your blog post, activity should be done. Off-Page helps to quickly index your new post or improve traffic to your post by using some techniques mentioned below.

Submit your post to search engines

Go to google webmaster tools and bing webmaster tools. Just resubmit your sitemap if they have not done it. In Bing webmaster tools you have some special options to submit links to your new blog post. So use that to index fast. Search engines are best to target in a field of traffic. So never give up on this issue. Search engines help you more than social bookmarking.

Use Social bookmarking

As soon as your finished your post just go for social bookmarking sites. Because using social bookmarking easily drives huge traffic to your blog. So go for the best social bookmarking sites like StumbleUponFacebook, LinkedIn, Vk, and the list goes on. Social bookmarking sites are the easy way to drive traffic to your new post than any other.

Blog commenting

Next to social bookmarking. This plays a prominent role. Blog comments should be a habit for everyone. So just spend time commenting on your new blog post. Your new blog indexing takes some time. So commenting always helps you in driving traffic and improving backlinks. Also note, use comment Luv enabled blogs because you get the link of your latest post directly there. So also a backlink. Hope that’s enough.

Link exchanging

Link exchanging is also an important factor that would be a part of off-page SEO. Link exchanging with other popular blogs would drive huge traffic to your blog. These involve a few methods. Links displaying widget of the latest post in your blog, visitors would surely check on the latest post if they have landed on some other pages of your blog.

Forum Participation

Forum participation helps you more and more to get new traffic. Find a question related to your post and go for answers. Give them what they want and also include them to visit your blog for more information. Hope this surely helps you.

Final Words

Off-page is not important than On-Page. On-Page is always responsible to target search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and many more. There are many Off-page techniques to be considered. And if you keep on learning off. you find many many factors that would be responsible in off-page. So try your best to do. Share what else to be considered in Off-Page SEO in the comments.

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