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Your blog means nothing without traffic. Certainly, every blogger understands this rule quite well, and he tries to use as many methods as possible to bring this traffic to his blog, generating its content for example. Sometimes it’s not easy to do, and one or two methods can be not enough to succeed here. About 50 different ways to get a blog or website traffic are known today, and if you know half of them at least – your chances to make your blog popular will increase much at once. Let’s take a look at some most popular and checked ways to make your blog dive into traffic. All of them have been already tried by many experienced bloggers, so, they are proved to work well. Just try to remember and follow them, and you’ll see good results very soon.

So, Let’s Make A List (People Like Different Lists, Don’t They?):

  1. Your E-mail signature with your blog’s Url (it gives more chances that everyone whom you write an E-mail to will click the link and visit your blog);
  2. A video about your blog and topics you discuss there (tell everyone about your blog in such an unusual way, try to attract new visitors – people like visual effects, so, a video will be a good attempt to make them pay attention to your project);
  3. A forum (just add a forum page to your blog, you’ll make people come and share their opinion on different topics there);
  4. Post interviews with well-known and experienced bloggers on your niche;
  5. Don’t ignore such services as Yahoo Questions for example (answering questions there and giving a link to your blog in a signature, you can attract many new visitors to your website, as well as more traffic);
  6. Advertising (you can use not only online resources for that; offline advertisements – magazines or newspapers for example – can help your blog’s traffic much);
  7. Multi-language blog (if your niche allows that, you may translate your blog’s content to some other languages, that will help you attract a new audience at once);
  8. Plug-ins (your first and main helper here is CommentLuv plug-in because many people search for a blog with it in order to leave a comment and get a backlink to their own blogs in such a way. So, if you use a WordPress platform for your blog, don’t be lazy to use this plug-in as well.

There are also two ways of plug-ins that can help you generate some traffic and make people see much content of your blog: a post-related plug-in (it will show other posts of your blog that relate to the topic of a given one) and a random post-plug-in (it will show some random posts of your blog to a reader and motivate him to check more articles of your blog). As far as you understand, it can bring you some extra traffic as well.

  1. Backlinks (link building is your chance to get relevant links to your blog from other resources. It will not only give you extra traffic but also help get a higher rank on Google).
  2. Guest posts (try to write guest posts for other blogs of your niche from time to time. But it doesn’t mean that you should write an article and leave this blog forever after its publishing: follow the comments and try to reply to them).

There are also some very obvious methods to get more traffic, and all bloggers perfectly know them probably, but we can’t miss them here, because they really work and are worth mentioning anyway.

So, Some Extra Methods To Give Your Blog More Traffic Are:

  1. Comments: Always reply to all comments on your own blog, answering all readers’ questions and notes. Moreover, don’t be lazy to leave comments on other blogs, adding a link to your website there.
  2. Social networks: A perfect method to share your blog’s content with social media and expand your audience in such away.
  3. Subscription: Offer your visitors to subscribe to your blog, adding a subscription button. They will receive a newsletter from your blog from time to time and come back to it in order to read and share some new posts.
  4. Blogging communities: They will help you find and interact with bloggers from all over the world. Some of them will visit your blog or write guest posts for it (if you provide such an opportunity of course), or you can practice guest posting as well, writing for other bloggers and leaving backlinks to your own posts there.
  5. Blogging directories: Add your blog to different blogging directories to let more people know about it
  6. Article directories: The same advice can be given for separate articles of your blog. You can add them to different article directories, give a link to your blog, and get more traffic in such away.
  7. Paid services: If you have such an opportunity, you may try paid services for your blog’s promotion as well: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Reddit Sponsored Links, ads banners – all this can really help if you use it wisely.

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