Learn How To Attract Advertisers and Sponsors

Selling ad space to advertisers is the easiest and simplest way to earn from a blog or website, if you run an online business you know how advertisements help to grow your business more, but getting advertisers is not an easy task for those you don’t know how to sell ad space, although you can use Google Adsense to show ads, it’s not a recommended earning method for a Niche based Bloggers.

All bloggers create advertising pages for their blogs, but only a few of them get ads from advertisers. Creating a page is not enough to attract advertisers to show their ads on your blog, you need to do lots of things before selling ads or creating an “Advertise here” Page.

I am explaining some tips with examples by which you can sell ad space on your blog in a very short time.

Show your Blog/ Website as a Brand

Branding your blog is very important if you show your blog as a brand then you will get awesome results because you will get unique recognition in the market where you have lots of competitors, So branding is important to run your business for the long term, tell your advertisers that they are dealing with a brand, not a normal blog or website.

Show benefits to advertisers

If someone is advertising on your blog, then they need results from their investments and if they don’t find your blog useful they will never do business with you, so mention the benefits of advertising with you clearly, like your Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans and Lots of other benefits.

For Example:

  1. Your ad will show 24×7.
  2. Your ads will run on a branded site.
  3. Your ads get targeted visitors.
  4. You will get Awesome Results.

You can also tell the most selling and most clicked ad space on your blog, always be transparent while doing any kind of business on your blog, tell everything related to your blog while selling ad space.

Give them Customization options

Always give multiple options of customization in advertisements. If you give them multiple advertisement options with multiple formats then different types of advertisers can contact you for showing their ads on your websites, because some advertisers deal with a special kind of ad format.

For Example:

You can mention all the ad space which can be filled with different sizes like you can mention link ads related to post advertisements, advertisements in the RSS feed.

Clear all terms and conditions

clear all the terms and conditions always mention all terms and conditions before selling any ad space on your blog and websites, you can see the basic examples of terms and conditions also you can elaborate with your requirements like termination details and notice before the ending date of ads as per your time zone.

For example:

  1. We allow only Image ads not animated ads
  2. The link will be Do follow or No follow (As per your choice).
  3. The advertisement language will be English.
  4. Nо Adult оr Dаtіng аdѕ.

Give them Discounts

discounts for advertisers an advertiser wants to show their ads in the long run then allow them a discount, that will motivate them to place more ads for a long time, like if you are using a 125×125 ad then and your price is $20 for 30 days then give them discount like $50 for 3 months, you can mention all these details in your “advertise here” Page.

For Example:

  1. 125×125 Button $10/30 Days or $50/90 Days
  2. 728×90 Leader-board below Menus $50/30days $80/60Days
  3. 250×250 Banner Ads $30/30days or $80/90days

You can add more ad formats discounts as per your blog design and needs.

Do Research in setting Price

I have seen many bloggers and website owners set their ads’ prices without doing any research about the market, that is the biggest mistake in advertising when you set prices lower than their actual worth you get ads but you lose profit, and similarly, if you set the higher price you will not able to get ads. So for better results always perform deep research on blogs that allow ads, check their stats and their ads’ price, and after that decide your perfect ad price.

I hope these tips will help you to get more advertisers to your blog and you will earn huge from advertising.

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