Important Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketing

Smartphones, Android, and iPhone are all have become popular and more users are accessing the web through them. As a result, marketers have to look for social media marketing through these types of phones to get sales and revenues for the business. Mobile apps are available in the market to be used for various marketing purposes. In this write-up, we would discuss the 10 most important mobile apps for social media marketing.


Facebook is one of the most important mobile apps for social media marketing used across the globe by marketers. From sharing photos to chatting with friends, this one is very advantageous for marketing purposes.


LinkedIn is vital mobile apps for social media marketing to allow users to remain connected to millions of professionals. With LinkedIn apps, getting connected to the professionals and their network has become easy now.


LiveProfile helps is another popular mobile apps that work as a messenger for Android smartphones, Blackberry and iPhone. Using this app, users can easily remain connected to the network by sending photos, videos, etc.


Posterous is another useful mobile apps used by users to share loads of content. Using this app, photos and videos are shared easily and comments are done on them.


Skype is another wonderful mobile app used extensively for marketing purposes by marketers across the globe. Using this tool, free video calls and messages are made to users anywhere around the globe.


Tumblr is another very popular mobile app for social media marketing that is extensively used by marketers. Using this app, users can freely share various forms of content like photos, video, audio, etc.


Flipboard is one of the important mobile apps for social media marketing with extensive usages and benefits. Using this app, users get a chance to fiddle with a range of content like photos, videos, news, etc. More so, it also enables the tracking of cross-platform tracking of other activities.


Twitter is another very popular and extensively used mobile app for social media marketing. Using this tool, users get an opportunity to remain connected to the people of choice. Tweets can be followed to keep track of the movements of one and all.


Flickr is another valuable mobile apps used for social media marketing by various photo sharing purposes. Using this tool, photos are shared at any moment to be connected with the world.

Google Search

Google Search is a must-have mobile app for social media marketing that is extensively used. iPhone users can use this app to search from available sources on the web.


Social media marketing is important for mobile users, as the number of mobile users is growing on a daily basis. This article has listed 10 important mobile apps for social media marketing; users are invited to add more to the list to benefit marketers for promotion and marketing purposes.

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