How to Make Your Blog Guest Post Friendly

As a blogger, you put hard work into getting great content available to random blog trolls and loyal readers. However, a portion of your visitors may not be looking to read every word you click into life. Some readers may be perusing your site for guest posting opportunities. Imagine their disappointment when they find that your blog is a perfect fit but they can’t get in touch with you.

Well, you’ll be disappointed to know that you may be missing out on a great opportunity, as well. Making your blog guest post friendly will be beneficial for all parties involved, and that means you, too.

How You Benefit

Although you have a death grip on your admin login information, it might be a good idea to handsome content creation duties over to someone else once in a while. Your blog, your readers, and your keyboard will thank you.

  • You’ll keep your readers happy with fresh content
  • You can take the day off to focus on other areas of your blog
  • You’ll reach new readers when the author promotes the article
  • You get outbound links

Step one: Contact Info

Once you’ve realized that allowing guest posts is great for you, your blog, your readers, and the contributor, it’s time to get your blog guest-friendly. The first step to doing this is making sure your contact info is readily available. This is a mistake many bloggers make, and one that will surely cost them in the end.  But, wait; don’t slap your email address just anywhere.

  • Upper right-hand corner: after skimming your blog title, it’s the first place readers will look.
  • Contact page: it would be ideal to have a whole contact page. Easy to find and pick out.
  • Sidebar: as the place where your social media icons are likely located, this would also be a strategic position.

Step Two: Lay Your Ground Rules

This is critical to getting the level of work your readers expect. You put hours into creating good content, and guest posting shouldn’t hurt that. The best way to ensure quality work is to lay out what you’re expecting right away. This will vary depending on your preferences, but a basic list should include:

  • Word limit
  • Subject/suggested topics
  • Author bio rules: link limits, word limit, bio picture
  • Social media promotion rules
  • Submission preference

Step Three: How Friendly, Is Up To You

If you welcome guest writers, but don’t want to be taking on a significant amount, then the first two steps will be enough for you. However, if you’ve found that this is a positive direction for your blog to go in, consider making some other additions to welcome your new writers.

  • Guest post section: You can put the posts here, in addition to the main page. This can be helpful for potential writers and make it easy for your guest authors to find their work.
  • Guest author page: Blogs that post from guest authors frequently tend to add a page for them. In here you can allow them to add an unmoving author link back to their page, including a photo and a short bio. If you get good work, this is a positive way to highlight those who create it.
  • Admin access: While some blog owners prefer the posts to be emailed, many others grant guest authors limited admin access. This way the writer can put the post into a queue where you can read it over and publish it easily.

Allowing others to guest post on your blog is a smart idea for everyone. Your readers can get a fresh perspective, you can take time off from creating content and the writer gets publicity while giving you some too. It’s important that you make your blog guest post friendly so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity. You never know who’s reading your blog.

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