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How to Leverage Internal and External Blog Contributors?

Once you've determined your content mix and cadence, the next big step is to actually get blog writers. So you wanna be able to leverage internal and external blog contributors to make your blog well-rounded. What are internal blog contributors? Internal blog contributors are generally employees who contribute to the blog. Your contributors should not only be from marketing, but they should also be from all functional areas of the company. The reason I mention this is, most likely if you're creating a blog, you're from marketing.

You want to make sure that it's not only marketers that are creating the content for your blog, but that you're taking advantage of all of the other functional areas of your company as well because they have a ton of other expertise. For your blog to be diverse you need the help of your entire company. You really wanna create a culture of content contribution throughout, and this is actually extremely difficult.

Internal Blog Contributors

So now I will share some ways that are the answers to your question; how can you get those contributors from within your organization?

Get Stakeholder and Executive Support

First, you wanna get stakeholder and executive support. You wanna explain to these stakeholders and executives why it's important for people throughout your organization to be blogging. And it's important because you wanna really be out there as thought leaders within your organization and industry, therefore you need a diverse perspective. The more people that you have blogging for you, the more buyers will see you as an authority.

Create A Grass-Roots Evangelism Program

So you wanna create a grassroots evangelism program. Tell people within your organization about your blog program and get them excited about contributing.

Incentivize Your Program!

You wanna have some word-of-mouth marketing going within your organization to really start that culture of content creation. Incentive your program– and I'll go into this a little bit more in detail, but incentives always work. Whether they're gift cards to Starbucks, or t-shirts, or a much bigger incentive, by incentivizing your program you're giving those prizes, which really helps your blogging initiatives. In a sense, you're gamifying contribution.

Create A Splash!

Create a splash. So I certainly recommend that you actually create a formalized program for blogging contribution.

Consider naming it, consider having posters created and t-shirts, plastering it all over the office and getting people excited for blog contribution.

Offer Blog Training And 1:1 Consultations

And then also consider offering blog training and one-on-one consultations. Not everyone within your organization is going to be a natural blogger. They might not even be a natural writer. By offering blog consultations and training, you're basically telling folks in your organization that although they might not be great writers or they might not have a great idea, you are there to help, you can help them get to a place where they're comfortable contributing to the blog.

External Blog Contributors

External blog contributors are people from outside your company, such as influencers, customers, or partners that provide guest blogs to you. Again, you wanna have an extremely diverse blog. Not only internal folks, but you also want external thought leaders to provide their thoughts in blog form to you. So how can you get these contributors?

Create A Formalized Guest Blogging Program

First, create a formalized guest blogging program. Decide internally what this looks like, how many guest blogs you're gonna post per week, how are you gonna get these guest blogs. Are there different guidelines that they have to abide by.

Reach Out to Influencers in Your Industry on Social Media

Reach out to influencers in your industry on social media. Social media is a great place to start for finding blog contributors. You can either reach out to folks individually, or you could have your social team just post a broad-based tweet on contributing to your blog.

Send an E-Mail to Your Database Asking for Blog Submissions

Send an e-mail to your database asking for blog submissions. You most likely have a database of engaged customers or prospects. Ask them for blogs. You can ask customers and partners for a blog swap.

So tell them you will create a blog post for them if they'll create a blog post for you. And then reach out to other companies in your industry for a blog swap as well. Blog swaps are a really great way to show value in both ways.

Create Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Blogging GuidelinesPin

One thing that I do wanna say here is that you should create guest blogging guidelines for each of the people that contribute to the blog externally. There most likely are various things that you do and don't want them to write about, or say, or things they should focus on. By creating a guest blog guideline there's really nothing left unsaid.

So every blog that a guest blogger submits to you should abide by these guidelines. The one pictured here is actually an example from our own guest blogging guideline. Every time a guest blog asks to blog for your blog you will send them these guidelines, and then as you're looking over each post you make sure that the guest blog abides by these various guidelines.

Find Bloggers Is by Using A Platform

Another great way to find bloggers is by using a platform.

Find Influencers in your industryPin

This is a screenshot from a platform called BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo can actually help you find influencers in your industry.

All you have to do is search and it ranks influencers based on page and domain authority, as well as followers on Twitter, retweet and reply ratio, and average retweets. In this example, I searched for a beauty blogger to find people that the platform felt to be influential on the subject. From my own personal knowledge, I agree, I do feel that these people are very influential on the subject. So once you have this great list from a platform like BuzzSumo, all you can do is reach out to each influencer and ask them to blog.

Having blog writers is a key component of any successful blog. You need both internal and external writers to be successful. So now that you have some great ideas and places to start, go out and recruit your writers.

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