How to Leverage Influencers to Promote Your Blog

Another great way to promote your blog is through leveraging influencers. Blogging is all about connecting and creating relationships. Influencer marketing focuses on building awareness with specific individuals in your industry to help build out your audience. Consider working with other bloggers, customers, or partners. Influencer marketing is particularly helpful for blogging since you can create reciprocal relationships and linking opportunities by connecting with these influencers within your industry.

So let’s take a look at who you might wanna leverage and who’s considered an influencer within your industry.

Industry Influencers

So number one, industry influencers. These are thought leaders, speakers, bloggers, and social media icons that speak about topics that are relevant to you and your company.


Number two, customers. Work with key customers. These are target accounts and customer advocates that have become influential for your own company.


And then number three, work with partners as influencers. Partners are strategic, they can be thought leadership organizations or content producers, all that is relevant within your industry.

How do you connect?

So how do you connect with these folks? It can be difficult to get your roster of influencers and connect and create those relationships. And one thing I do wanna say is that before you begin with influencer marketing when it comes to your blog, you wanna make sure that it’s reciprocal. You want to make sure that you are giving them relationships over time and that you are giving them some love in exchange.

Reach out on social media

So reach out on social media. Create a list of the people that you think are influential in your industry and reach out to their various social media accounts. You can certainly use a tool like a buzz sumo that we discussed earlier, to determine who that list of people should be.

Share their content on social media

Share their content on your social media profiles. Most likely, many of these influencers have their blog. Be sure that you’re sharing their content as well.

Reach out via email

Reach out to them via email. If you do have their email address or perhaps you can find their email address on their website, reach out directly.

Offer a guest blogging swap

Offer a guest blogging swap. In exchange for you blogging on their site, ask them for a blog for your site.

Offer to interview them

Offer to interview them. This is a great way to open the door for influencer relationships. Call them up and ask them for an interview and then post that interview on your blog.

Give them some love!

And then give them some love. Make sure that you’re tweeting out their content, make sure that you’re sending them items, perhaps you’re giving them special passes to your event, perhaps you’re offering them speaking opportunities, make sure that the relationship is reciprocal.

What are the Benefits?

So what are some of the benefits of creating influencer relationships when it comes to blogging?

Inbound links

So number one is you get inbound links and the higher authority some of these influencer pages have, the more Google link juice that they’ll give you.

Increased blog subscribers

Increased blog subscribers. The more you have influencers promoting your blog, the more your blog subscribers will increase.

Increased engagement on the blog

Increased engagement on your blog. Of course, the more traffic that’s coming to your different blog posts, the more engagement you’ll probably have.

Increase social followers

An increase in social followers. If you have influential folks tweeting out your blogs, most likely you’ll get an increase in social followers. Guest blogging opportunities. This is a great way for you to post on those influencers’ sites as well as the posting on your site.

More people talking about your blog and company!

And then more people talking about your blog and your company. This is the number one benefit.

Leveraging influencers is a great way to get the word out there about your blog. Be sure to create a relationship with them first and once you do, they can become a great resource to help you spread your thought leadership.

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