How To Increase Backlinks Of Your Blog ?

In this post, I will share some tips for increasing the backlinks of a blog. actually, Backlinks have helped a blog in different ways. It increases traffic, improves ranking, and enhances SEO. Here we’re going to discuss a basic guide for newbies that what are backlinks, their benefits of it and how to increase them. So let’s begin the discussion.

What are Backlinks?

Incoming links to your blog/site are known as backlinks Or those links by which the visitor can land from one site to another site are known as backlinks.

Why Should You Build The Backlinks? – Importance

This is important that you should build the backlinks of your blog because it is the most important thing which can help us in many places. After link building, many sites will be linked to your blog and by this, you will be getting from that site. It helps in improving the Alexa and any Google Search Engine Rankings that is the need of every blogger and it also helps you in improving the visibility of your blog in search results that will help you in getting organic traffic.

Below I’ve discussed some great methods to build the backlinks for your blog. So go and grab this now.

1# Guest Posting

This is one of the best methods to link building. You should be a guest blogger and guest blogger submits some posts on some popular blogs and he gets the backlink to his blog in that post with the guest blogger bio. That link is usually dofollow and it helps a lot because dofollow has more value then nofollow. I’ll publish another post for those who don’t know about dofollow and nofollow.

2# Blog Commenting

This is another tip that blog commenting can also increase backlinks for you. And also comment on WordPress blogs because in those blogs we can only add the homepage link to our blog but it is also good. Don’t comment like a robot, I mean do not spam in comments and post the different comment according to the post because comment spamming can harm your blog SEO.

3# Unique and Most Loved Content

Content is another thing that can also help you in building the backlinks of your blog. You should publish the unique content and most loved by your visitors. Ask your readers what they want and give them. Now if that content is loved by your readers then they will also share this with their friends and that is what it is gonna help you. e-Books and resources are the best things that your visitors will like to get and share it with their friends.

4# Social Media Promotion

I think you know that almost every internet user is on Social Media sites like Facebook. So this is a great opportunity to take benefit from it. Share your content or posts on some popular social sites and also join the communities related to your niche on those sites and share your content on those communities. This will help you in building backlinks and also in increasing traffic.

5# Forum Posting

Forum posting is also a great idea in increasing backlinks and traffic to your blog. In this method, You’ve to join some forums which must be related to your blog after joining the form, you’ve to publish some threads or reply to the threads. And before publishing or reply to threads make sure that you’ve added your blog’s link in the signature.

6# Directory Submission

There are some web directories on the internet where you will need to submit your blog along with the details. After that, those directories will list your blog in the most appropriate category and it will take to get approval or listing your blog. Submit your blog to the most popular directories like This will help you in increasing traffic and also in backlinks.

Final Words
So, friends, this was the introduction of back-links and along with the tips to build the back-links. Newbies and Bloggers must try these tips to increase their back-links to be successful.

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