How to Improve Internal Linking of Your Blog

As we know that backlinks are most important for a site and internal linking is also important because internal linking gives us many benefits to make our blog more search engine friendly and in many things. Internal linking is not so difficult if we compare it to external link building. This is really easy and it can be done in a few clicks if you’ve understood this well. So, friends, let’s discuss first what is internal linking and its benefits. Then I’ll teach you how you can improve it.

What is Internal Linking In SEO?

Internal links are those hyperlinks that are pointed to another page or content with the same domain name. In other words, connecting each and every web page in your whole blog/site is known as internal linking. These links can be added to the menu, content, sidebar, or anywhere in your blog/site. See the main image of the post in which you can see that all the pages are connected with each other.

Why Do Internal Linking? – Benefits

Internal linking is also important to increase backlinks. There are several benefits of this and let me explain these all. Internal linking will help the search engine’s crawler to crawl all the pages or posts of your blog. First, it will come on any post, it will index that post and in the content, it will get the internal link then it will land on that internal link and start crawling that too by this if it will be getting an internal link in every post then it may index all the content of your blog. This was the first and most important benefit and the second one is getting improvement in bounce rate. Internal linking can also improve your bounce rate and it also helps in increasing readership, Pageviews, and Page Rank.

How to Improve Internal Linking?

So, you’ve now understood the internal linking and now it’s time to improve it on your blog. Basically, in internal linking, you’ve to connect your all pages or posts to each other. There are some tips by which you can do this.

Adding Links to Content

This is a great tip that is being used by most professional bloggers. You’ve to add the links to some words or phrases or sentences of your content. After writing the post, look at the words of your post and for example, if I’ve written “Increase Backlinks” and previously I’ve discussed increasing backlinks then add the link of that post on the text “Increase Backlinks”. You should try to find many words and add links to them. But don’t repeat adding the same links. You can also create a bullet list like “Recommended for You” with some links.

Recent Posts and Popular Posts Widgets

The second tip is that add the recent posts and popular posts widgets on your blog. These widgets show the links of popular or recent posts that can also help in improving the internal linking. Add these widgets in the sidebar because on those places you’ve changed to increase the Pageviews.

Related Posts Widget

This is a great widget that can improve the internal linking of your blog because every professional blogger is using this widget and it really helps. Add the related posts widget below every post which shows some related or recommended posts to the users of your blog.

Better Navigation Menu

Another thing is that you’ve to build a good navigation menu in which all the categories will be added. Make sure these are not labels or tag pages and create another page like our SEO page for each category and add them to the navigation menu. This will make your blog easy to navigate and also help in internal linking.

Sitemap Page

This is another great idea that can improve the internal linking of your blog. Create the sitemap page of your blog and it in the navigation menu. Sitemap page consists of the whole content of your blog which’s links will be categorized there. From that sitemap page, your readers can pick any topic and grab that content and once the search engine’s crawler reaches on that page then you’re chances of getting all the content indexed.

Final Words

Finally, you’ve understood the internal linking. Still not? Feel free to ask in the comments area. I hope this little post is going to help you in understanding and improving the internal linking. If you’ve more ideas then please do share them with us in the comments because sharing is caring. Get in touch with us for more. Take Care.

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