How to Get More Traffic on Old Posts of Your Blog ?

It’s traffic! The thing that would be liked by every blogger to get more and more even if it touches thousands. The reason, there are many and exciting benefits of receiving a lot of traffic.

Well, let’s come to our main topic. Today I’m going to share some smart ways to get more traffic to your old posts on your blog. Usually, I’ve seen that when the blog post gets old it loses quality, people don’t land on them and sometimes it doesn’t bring traffic. No matter, what’s the problem with you, the below-given ideas may become helpful for you to gain traffic through old posts.

1. Internal Linking – Connecting Posts With Each Other

One of the common and you might know about this. Internal Linking lets you connect all the posts with each other which can bring an increase in the page views graph at your Google Analytics account. If you’re new to this then you should read out our detailed post about doing and improving the internal linking. There is nothing any difficult task for internal linking as it is easiest. Just while writing your new blog posts, do mention your old posts with a smart way to bring your readers to old posts. As of now, in this post, I’ve mentioned my five old posts which will not help us to raise up page views but also help us to make our blog more SEO friendly and easy for search engine crawlers to index and crawl the blog content.

2. Do Social Promotion for Your Old Posts

This is the second method that I do mostly to get immediate visits to my blog. You can easily share your old posts to some popular social networks where a lot of people should be connected to you. You can do a social promotion at Facebook Groups, Fan Page of Your Blog, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. Some of these sites are also social bookmarking so there is nothing bad, you can socialize your old content on any site, directory, social network, social bookmarking or whatever else it is.

Stellify The Way of Promoting Posts

It is not just copying the link, paste and press the share button. Try to be creative and think why people will open this to visit the old post. I just want to say and heading of this era tells itself that you should try to promote posts in a smart way that could attract more visitors. Let me tell you some points which you can do about this. The first thing is that write the short message while sharing the post, the message should be something unique which may not only contain the post title but it should be the reason of visiting the post by people, secondly, you can set the attractive title which may help to get more clicks. In the last, the main or featured image is also important, you should show the creative or graph image for thumbnail which will also help to attract people.

3. Do SEO For Old Posts – Update Them

Some people say that once if you publish the post, it gets indexed then you should not edit it. But here I disagree with them. From one side they are correct and from another side they are wrong. Let me clear this all.

First Side Which is Correct: If that old post is ranked higher with a good position then you should not edit or update it because it can lose the ranking.

Second Side Which Is Wrong: If that old post not ranked well in search engines then you can surely edit or update them, but the update should be positive.

Here is what I’m trying to say that you should update the old posts for the sake of SEO and good ranking in search engines. Mostly, People at the beginning of their blogging career don’t have perfect knowledge about SEO and their initial posts are not fully on-page optimized. If the same thing happening with you or you don’t have completely SEO optimized your old posts then do it now to get more traffic from those and believe me this organic traffic is a thousand times better than referral traffic. You can readout on-page SEO and off-page SEO Tips which are given in the above top list and they will surely help you to rank your old posts.

Final Words

So, friends, these were some top 3 best methods for getting more traffic to our old posts. I think this is a short post, but the given points are beneficial, if you try them correctly then surely there will be an increase in your traffic going to the old posts. If you’ve more ideas then please do share them with us and also your views in the comments. We’re eager to hear and learn from everyone, even it is requested to silent readers to commenting below. Take a lot of care until the next post.

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