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How to Determine Your Content Cadence and Mix

Once you've determined the layout and design of your blog, the next step is to determine your content cadence and mix. Blog post cadence is the frequency in which you will be posting blogs on your company blog.

Blog Post Cadence

So ask yourself: how much content do you have? What types of resources do you have for blog management? It takes time to manage a blog so the number of resources you have will really make a difference. Who comprises your audience and where do they find content? Are you speaking to an audience that finds content often through a blog, or are people looking more towards other types of mediums to find their content? And then how are you promoting your blog posts? Are you promoting them just on social, are you hoping that people will just come to your blog organically? All of these questions will help you determine what the right cadence should be.

Blog Cadence Best Practices

So next is some blog cadence best practices. Some best practices, just test, test, and test more to see what works best for your blog. Come up with a blog cadence and counter that fits how much content you have, and how many resources you have, and then start small and think big. Start with two days per week and go up from there. And then you have to think about your blog content mix. This is also important to your blog content mix will determine different types of posts that you will be posting on your blog.

Your blog content mix depends on:

It depends on your cadence: if you're only posting twice per day then your blog content mix may change. It depends on your audience, are you posting to mostly executives or practitioners? What about your authors? What types of content do they like to write about? You also want to consider your brand and your tone. Do you typically write content that's more playful, or do you write more content that's an executive focused? And then again your blog resources. I can't stress this enough that taking care of a blog takes time.

So you want to make sure that you have the right resources to not only cover your cadence but to also cover your blog mix as well.

It's extremely important to determine the blog cadence and the content mix for your business. You want your subscribers to know what to expect from your blog. Now that you have some ideas be sure to sit down with those stakeholders and make some decisions.

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