How To Create Passive Income Streams from Blogging?

Join Amazon Associates Program

Do not overcomplicate things. If you cannot find an affiliate program for one reason or another, you can start by signing up for the Amazon Associates program. The commission starting off is low but do not let that hold you back: Amazon is the world’s most trusted source of online shopping. Incorporate your Amazon affiliate links into your blog, website, or articles. Now, you can insert a live widget of favorite products and publish it on the website.

Join Affiliate Program

This is quite the broad category but why the hell not? If you can’t settle with Amazon Associates, then spend a few minutes creating a list of the favorite software or products you use online. Then do a Google search on product affiliates. There are so many affiliate programs that pay you 50% or more of the product sale. Some even pay you month after month, if the product is a subscription service, for example hosting service.

Join Clickbank or E-Junkie

So Amazon is one choice, the above option was too broad for you, what else is left? Check out Clickbank. Clickbank is a marketplace that allows product sellers and creators to meet and do what they are best at. It is one of the biggest digital products retailers on the web. E-junkie works on the same principles, but check both out and find products that seem interesting enough for you to promote and earn money.

Sell Your Own Information Products

This is the most profitable route to take as the product is owned by you and you can earn 100% of the revenue, depending on how you promote your information product. An information product can be anything digital such as audio, video, an ebook that can be downloaded easily. You can promote your own information product on your site or use Clickbank, set up an affiliate program and let the affiliates do all the work. Of course, you’ll be offering a significant chunk of the revenue to them,50% or higher but remember, they’re doing all the work for you!

Give Out Free eBook with Affiliate Links

Instead of selling an ebook, you can give one away for free. Completely free. However, you can add affiliate links to the content of the book so if the reader decides to purchase something and clicks on the link, you earn a commission. Pretty clever, right?

Sell Ad Space On Your Blog

This one is limited and you will only do well if you are bringing in a high number of readers. Building a high number of readers and subscribers takes a lot of work but if you’re up for some experimenting, go for it!

Make money with Adsense ads niche website

Build a niche website and monetize it with Google Adsense, this is the best monetizing method nowadays, you can also choose Chitika or any PTC network that offers many ads. Moreover, when the traffic increases a lot, you can join the CPM network, you receive commissions for every thousand views.

There are as many ways to make passive income online as there are people. It’s really important to take one of these ideas, experiment with it, and then put your own twist on it. If you need help, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.

Did I forget something on the list? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below.

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