How Facebook and Other Social Media Can Promote Your Business

Facebook started with the aim to connect people of similar interests. It gave numerous opportunities to make friends and to get in touch with each other, without spending money (other than internet charges).

Facebook marketing attracts more than 2.8 billion people and has become an important place to promote business. Initially, Facebook was a place where people can share their views and converse with family and friends. Now, it has transformed into a shopping complex or even a supermarket where you can sell and purchase almost everything!

Here are some interesting facts by McKinsey that can inspire you in promoting your business.

  • Even a one-time customer can become a loyal fan of a particular brand through appropriate interaction on social media.
  • 80% of the customers have chosen a brand, service, or product after it gets exposed on Facebook or any other social media.
  • 7 out of 10 people still think that brands are self-centered and are trying to gain more profit rather than satisfying their customers.

To motivate you more, here are some tips to promote your business through Facebook and other social media:

Select the appropriate social network

There are so many social networking sites available nowadays. You have to be careful in selecting the most appropriate one. The number of users, gender, age group, demographics, and language play the important role in selection. LinkedIn is a good networking site for some, but if your products or services are for teenagers, it may not be the right choice. Simply follow these three steps to get the maximum results:

  • Study the social networking site’s demographics.
  • Find out which site your target audiences visit the most
  • Focus your efforts on the right platform

If you don’t want to use up all your energy or if you don’t want to leave your favorite channel, use targeted ads. Facebook is by far the best social network if you are well aware of how to use  Facebook Marketing and Facebook Strategy to boost your Facebook Page.

Create suitable social profiles

Facebook strategy that will provide your customers with the right information about your business is the best one. Your profile should be simple and straight, covering all the basic details. It is better to link your business profile with your official website to boost your Facebook Page. The cover page should be appropriate for your profile photo. The ‘About’ section on your profile should contain a clear description of your product or service, including various contact information such as your phone number, email, Twitter handle,s, and others.

Cross-promote on all other social media platforms

Showcase all your social media profiles in an appropriate section on your website. It should be easy for visitors to connect with your business. Make sure to add a sharing button for each channel your brand is using for your blogs. Also, send regular messages on your networking sites to alert your followers on the network. It creates awareness about your profile that exists on other platforms. Maintain the proper balance when sending post alerts. More so, do not self-promote your posts. Again, Facebook marketing can certainly help your business.

Create a unique voice

You must be very polite, attentive, and natural while interacting with the customers. The customer likes to engage in a personal conversation and not a robotic one. Remember that your interactions on social media can be a decisive factor – customers can remain loyal to you or can opt for the services provided by other businesses. Hence, always maintain the quality of your content on your social voice. Your customers should find your interactions informative and useful or even funny.

Invite your customers to share their photos with your brand. Create a contest or a giveaway promo with them, something like the “best selfie”, “which photo contains the product with the highest price of… (your brand name)”, etc. to spark interest among the customers and keep them engaged with your brand, product or service.

Now, after seeing the points given above, you can have ideas on developing your Facebook Strategy, which can really boost the Facebook Page of your business. Thus, it can create more business profit. Just don’t forget to maintain it.

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