Fundamentals of SEO for Beginners

Building a website can be fun, but even the best website won’t convert unless you have traffic. And increasing traffic is our main goal. We’re like to improve the SEO of our site. And it means we’re want to get our site ranked as highly as possible in search engines. And in this article, we are going to share the fundamental knowledge of SEO. So, let’s dig into the main part of the article…

A good place for us to start is by defining exactly what we mean by SEO.

What SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the goal of that is to leverage both the technical aspects of your site as well as create the strategies to rank higher in search engines.

Let’s take a look at a search page. For our post, we’ll be optimizing a cake store website. So let’s use the search term cake delivery. We’ll type this into Google and now Google and any other search engine will always fill the results page with what it takes is most relevant.

Google Search Results Page Sponsored Ads

Google Search Results Page Sponsored Ads

So up top here we have some sponsored ads. If we scroll a bit further down, we’ll see the local results which show us some local stores. For each of these results, we’ll see a distance, a rating, a description, and an image of that store.

Google Search Rich Results with Micro data

Google Search Rich Results with Microdata

This information is usually called microdata. And if you configure your site correctly, you can make sure that search engines have access to all of this information, and then they can choose when they display it. We can scroll a bit further down and here we see the unpaid listings, also called the organic listings and this is what we want to optimize.

Google Search Results Page Unpaid Listings

Google Search Unpaid Listings

Now every single search engine results page is going to look a little bit different. Sometimes there are no ads up top or there are no local results, but there’s always going to be organic listings. And if you can optimize these, you can see huge increases in traffic to your site. There have been several studies that have looked into click-through rates and their findings are what you’d expect. The higher you are in rankings, the more clicks you’re going to get. If you ranked second on a page and you think you can get to the number one spot, it might be worth doing because you could double the amount of traffic that you get for that specific search term. Similarly, if you’re at the bottom of the second page for a specific term because you’ve never optimized your site and you think you can get to maybe the bottom of the first page, say the seventh or eighth position, you can double or triple the search volume you can get for that term.

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