ExonHost Review: Fastest Web Hosting with Cheaper Price

Recently, I changed my web host and transferred all my websites from Hostgator to ExonHost. If I keep it in short and simple language, I’d say that I haven’t been so pleased and happy before with any web hosts that I’ve used, namely – GoDaddy (I started from here), Bluehost & then Hostgator. But I’m sure my stay with ExonHost is going to be long, very long. In this review of ExonHost Web hosting, I’ll be discussing my personal experience, along with the fantastic features and services provided by the staff at ExonHost.

ExonHost Special Features

Although I had a few months of service pending on my previous host i.e. Hostgator, I preferred to move away from them. I consulted a lot of experienced users, who have been through several hosts. However, none of them ever talked to me about ExonHost. I remember Googling something related to hosting (probably a tutorial) where I landed upon ExonHost’s Official Site. All I can say after that is – it had me. Let’s start as it should start – the UI.

Flat & User-Friendly UI

The user interface of any service/product is highly noticed as it is what defines the first impression of a product. Since recent times, the so-called ‘Flat UI’ has been very popular amongst many giants around the globe. It follows what it says – going flat. This means that all the previously used elements such as bright colors, 3D buttons, high dependence on JavaScript, etc. are completely avoided.

ExonHost has an absolute Flat UI which makes it very easy for the users (and visitors) to navigate around the account pages and carry on with the tasks. This is a great advantage as opposed to Hostgator where there is no such thing as an ‘Account Page’. The users can only have access to the cPanel.

My Ratings – 4/5

Site Speed & Performance (My Experience)

As I mentioned in the beginning, I haven’t been more pleased and satisfied with my sites’ speed before. ExonHost over-exceeded my expectations. I was expecting good site speed, but this is indeed much better. I’ll probably post about my site’s speed changes with a new post.

Overall, it was an utter relief from Hostgator as with them, I used to see the unwanted 500 Internal Server Error (the link takes you to a solution for that error) every 2 hours – on every site! Yes, I do use several devices to receive an email, but that’s what I prefer and I don’t deserve downtime on my sites because of that. Since the transfer to ExonHost, I haven’t seen a single such error. I cannot be happier.

My Ratings – 4.7/5

Account Management

ExonHost Account Management

Not all hosts have something called an ‘Account’, but ExonHost does – and I’m so happy it does because the account manager handles most of the tasks. It handles the support center, the affiliates center, the domain management, services management (backup services, etc.), and whatnot.

Once I signed in to my account for the first time, everything was readily available. I was welcomed with a tour on managing the account and where to go in case I can’t figure something out – it was all there – organized – beautifully.

My Ratings – 4.2/5

Billing System & Support Staff

Billing System & Support Staff

Payment Method and Support Option

There’s hardly anyone who’s impressed with the checking out methods (payment methods) of any company. But I’m proud to say that I’m highly impressed by ExonHost’s Payment System not because it didn’t ask me so many questions, but because of this –

I first purchased the service for one month (as I wanted to try it out). I was charged fees for a month + set-up fees (which I didn’t mind paying). After that, once I got into the account manager, I was literally sold to ExonHost. I decided that very moment that I’ll be continuing for a long period. But as I went into my ‘Renewals’ tab, what I see there is that I was no longer eligible for the discount (50%) and had to pay the full amount for renewing. So it was like I can’t get the coupon because I’ve crossed the border.

I quickly opened up Skype and called them up. I was answered (after selecting an option) within 10 seconds – and I loved it. I told them that I would love to have the discounted price (which I was offered when signing up) to renew the account. Within no time, the staff lady happily agreed and guided me on the process to renew the account with the discounted price (I was sent an email with a secured payment link for the same).

She told me that I would have to wait for the account length to be extended as the payment shall be reviewed manually. I didn’t mind that, as long as it was done. But as I refreshed the page after 5 minutes of the payment, the required was already done!

That was not the only time I was helped with quick responses. Every time I called them up, it was answered/sorted within minutes. Winning.

My Ratings – 5/5 (I wish I could give more)

Applications & Other cPanel Tools


Applications & Other cPanel Tools

The hosting is handled by the cPanel Software – which is widely used by most of the hosts around the globe. ExonHost makes cPanel very easy to use – unlike Hostgator which integrates hundreds of unnecessary tools into it. ExonHost keeps the most required tools (like the Domain Management Tools, File Management Tools, etc.) at the top by default. This gets things done in no time.

Software and Softaculous Apps Installer

Installing WordPress had never been so easy before. ExonHost partners with Softaculous – a platform from where all scripts/applications around the globe can be installed. The installation process is smooth as silk – no bull***t.

My Ratings – 4.4/5

Pricing Plans

ExonHost Hosting Pricing Plans


ExonHost Web Hosting Pricing Plans

The picture says it all. Purchasing ExonHost WebHosting is very affordable. I’ve personally opted for the “Standard” Plan on ExonHost and this review is based on the features offered in that plan. However, the basic features (the essential features) are definitely present in all the plans. I would advise you to thoroughly go through all the features offered in every individual plan and then take the correct decision. I spent about half an hour at this stage – and this also included talking to the sales team about some of my queries.

My Ratings – 4.6/5


My words up there say all I wanted to say. But I can really emphasize more than that. Hence, with no exceptions, I would recommend you to opt for ExonHost Hosting to host all your online ventures. It’s not just hosting, it’s much more than that.

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