Essential On-Page SEO Tips For Any Beginner

For some webmasters, SEO is an art. For some, it’s pure science. But for beginners, SEO might be one challenge in hell. Beginners are often dragged into situations where they’re forced to believe that to rank high in search engines, one has to go to the extreme level of both off-page SEO and on-page SEO. This might have been true in the past few years, but with Google making changes to its algorithm regularly, the fact of having extremely high on-page SEO factors is losing its priority especially amongst bloggers who actually know the real meaning of SEO.

Essential On-Page SEO Tips For Any BeginnerAssuming that you are a beginner, the following three tips are written and meant for you. Even if you’re not one, you’re requested to continue reading further as these might even be helpful to you as well.

Quality Speaks For Itself

A lion doesn’t eat any prey that hasn’t been hunted by himself. Why? That’s his pride. Being a blogger/webmaster, you pride in your content. The uniqueness and the superiority of your content should be to an extent where only exceptional bloggers can reach. Hence, you should be regarded as an extraordinary blogger first by yourself, and then by everyone else.

The reason why this is important when the subject is SEO is that as the world is advancing, search engines are coping up with the requirements of the users. Irrefutably, the first and the foremost requirement of ANY user is quality. Hence, it’s not only the Google bots that work for the ranking of the posts but also real people from the team.

Don’t Run After Keyword Density

Phew! Keyword density is one topic on which bloggers all over the web are discussing, often without any evidence or source of information. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are thousands who believe that keyword density is amongst those on-page SEO factors which will take any post to the top of SERPs.

I would literally warn you not to go for very high keyword density. This ‘might’ (for some time) get you some average organic traffic, but will eventually be a disaster for your blog. The posts with extremely high keyword density shall, sooner or later, lie in some corner of your blog and they’ll hardly be seen on the SERPs.

Quality Outbound Links

Google, or for that matter any search engine, always loves when you link to quality articles/pages which contain further information about the topic being discussed. Google thinks of it in this way (an example) – A discussion is going on between two people, and it is about ‘Being A Pilot’. After continuing for about 15 mins, the second person remembers his friend who is currently a pilot. He calls him up, asks for some more information regarding the studies, etc. Hence, the third person was directly quoted and added to the discussion.

The above example clearly shows what outbound links are, and also how important they are. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the link’s source should be quality and one that deserves the link from you.

Hence, the above on-page SEO tips shall gradually get you into the so-called “SEO Field”. One point to make at the end is that there are many more tips that are important, but for beginners (which shall be written on the blog soon), these should be enough.

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