Effective Tips to Increase YouTube Video Views and Watch time

YouTube is well known to be the most popular video-sharing website online in the world. More than a thousand users daily upload different kinds of videos and more than millions of visitors across the world visit YouTube to watch these videos. Most people are also making money online through this source. They are earning from their channels which are getting a lot of views on a daily basis. If you are also a YouTube user and have your own YouTube channel then one question will surely arise in your mind how you can get millions of views on a YouTube video. To answer this main question, in this guide, I am giving you some effective tips that will surely help you in getting a lot of views on your videos. Definitely, more views mean there is a very much chance to get more youtube watch time.

Best Tips to Get More Views and Watch time on YouTube

Making Friends on YouTube

The very first thing that you will have to do in order to get more views is to add more friends on YouTube. When you get a lot of friends on YouTube, then you will need to inform them about your videos, surely they will watch your YouTube video and if they liked it they will surely share it on social media networks. This method looks slow but it is very effective that will surely increase your page views.

Grow Your Subscriber

This important factor when we talk about getting more views on our YouTube videos. You need to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel and when they subscribe to your YouTube channel; they will be informed by email whenever you will upload your new video. This is a superb way to increase your YouTube views even in billions because millions of users are active daily on YouTube.

Adding Endscren and Cards to your Videos

YouTube Endscren functionality is an effective way that will help you to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel and YouTube views. If you use cards in the right duration of your video then this can lead you to get more traffic and YouTube views. Both of them can highly be recommended by the official youtube team to grow youtube views and watch times. So you should not miss these great features.

Tag and Explain Your Video

Getting YouTube view tags always plays a vital role. Always try to give a tag related to your video. Due to these tags, you will be able to get good traffic and views on your videos easily. Also, give some information about your video in the description box so it will be easier for the YouTube search engine to give your video first rank for specific keywords or tags, etc.

Thumbnails are Effective

Whenever you find a video and the small size image appearing on it is commonly called thumbnails. Add some kind of attractive and professional-looking thumbnail images in your YouTube videos and this will definitely increase your YouTube video views.

Funny Videos

Most people like funny and entertaining videos. So, one of the popular ways to get more exposure to YouTube videos is to make a channel for funny and entertaining videos. When you will upload fun-related videos then nowadays it is a very good chance to get millions of views on a single video at any time.

Sharing Video on Social Media

It is also known as a good method for increasing YouTube views for videos. After you have uploaded the new video to your YouTube channel, you will need to share it on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc to get more views for it.


This method works great, whenever you will leave comments on videos related to your YouTube channel topic, you will surely get replies to it, and also one thing you will notice is an increase in video views.

I hope this article will surely help you in getting more views for your YouTube videos. If you have any other idea which is not mentioned here, share them with us by leaving your comments below.

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