Easy Trick to Find .edu And .gov Links

Every webmaster wants to get .edu and .gov links for their blog backlinks. A blog site with .edu and .gov top-level domain are very popular to get backlinks. Because  Google or other search engine respect those types of websites. But very difficult to find such a type of blog site related to your blog. So, in this post I will show you a little trick, that’s why you will easily find out any types of .edu and .gov blog/website. Do yourself a favor.  Take 15 minutes RIGHT NOW and learn how to find .edu and .gov links yourself easily!

Educational and government websites are rife with blogs, many of them WordPress powered, and many of them wide open to comments.  Enter these queries into Google and you’ll find a ton of .edu and .gov WordPress blogs where you can leave comments:

“powered by wordpress” site:.edu
“powered by wordpress” site:.gov

Pretty neat, eh?  Let’s make it even better.  While those queries will return a bunch of .edu and .gov WordPress blogs they won’t exactly be targeted to your specific niche.   We can take care of that simply by adding a keyword or two into the query.  Let’s suppose you sell pet supplies, so you want to comment on blogs about pets…let’s say dogs:

dogs + “powered by wordpress” site:.edu
dogs + “powered by wordpress” site:.gov

Boom!  Now you’ve got .edu and .gov blogs that mention dogs! But if you want to site related to other topics then just change “dogs” with your topic and search again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. To be honest I was trying this inurl search query but instead of finding edu results, google just pulled articles.. I found this article from that search result and now I know what I did wrong in my query. Your explanation was short and sweet. Tried your query format and it works. Yay!
    Thank you so much

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