Different Ways to Get Post Ideas for Your Blog

As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts is “the more you write the more you expedite”. But for doing this you ought to have post ideas with you all the time so that your blogging doesn’t pause.

You should always keep post ideas handy with you; but how?

There has to be some strategy or source from where you will be getting these ideas else this will take you away from the readers.

Let’s check out how to get new post ideas

Commenting gives you post ideas

Users comment on your blog post if they find it to be a quality one. They put up questions to you at times because they think you to be an expert in that niche and with these, you get some post ideas too.

Some knowledgeable ones even give you some valuable suggestions which can again turn out to be a well-structured blog post.

All I have to say is to become a content king and capture the hidden blog post ideas so that your streamlined writing doesn’t come to a halt.

Using Social Media Sites- good for post ideas

Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter help you in getting a good platform as a blogger. You can share your articles in this and get numerous comments, likes, and credibility. Not only that, but by interacting with your friends you can also know their subjects and keen interest which will give you more post ideas to write upon.


Topsy is a real-time search engine powered by the social web. Unlike traditional search engines, Topsy indexes and ranks various search results based upon the most influential conversations millions of people are having every day about each specific term, page or topic people are having every day. It filters the search results which help get post ideas.

Use Quora to get post ideas

Quora is a very useful site that has questions and answers in it. It aggregates all the questions and answers related to a particular site. Once again it will provide you with some good ideas. It is a knowledge-sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch in their minor knowledge. This minor knowledge will give you good blog post ideas.

Industry news

You must always keep yourself updated on the latest news for the industry to which your blog is related. These new up comings will give you good ideas for your blog post. The more you know, the more you write and the more you write more popular you become.

LinkedIn gives you post ideas

LinkedIn has two segments- one is a group and the other is answers. The group sections make you a member of the community and people will know more about your blogging which will give you credibility and the second is answers which again like that of commenting have hidden post ideas in their questions.

What you can do is to answer a question in brief and make a blog post for that. If readers find your answer to be good then they will visit your entire blog for detailed information.

Seminars and education classes

Seminars give you a lot of information related to different topics. These will give a good knowledge about the updating technologies. Just pick up the most informative one and start writing.

Be a member of forums

Forums are a very popular way of communicating with your visitors, gaining traffic, and also getting good matter for your post. There are common questions at times that are put up by the visitors. Why not segregate them together and make a blog post of it.

Google Analytics

Google analytics helps in providing information like web traffic, search results, keywords, and content. You get numerous ideas for this. The keywords give you post ideas. Then make further research on these and you get an ample amount of ideas for composing a quality post.

Social bookmarking sites

Various bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon will also provide you with different ideas. Even the subpages in bookmarks give you post ideas for your niche.

Any time you are stuck up with post ideas then try for the above ones. These ways have helped me and are still helping me with different blog post ideas.

Time for you to speak!

What methods do you use to get post ideas other than these?

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