Dearth in Comments? Reasons and Solutions

Dearth in Comment means your blog getting fewer comments on posts or no comments, Is your Blog suffering from This disease? If yes then you need to find reasons for that and ways to recover, There are thousands of blogs available on the web, but only a few hundred Get regular comments from their readers or visitors, there may be lots of reasons for it, but you have to find the reasons and solution of this problem, “Comments Dearth” mostly happens to those blogs who neglect the power of social media and interaction with fellow bloggers.

Why Your Blog Suffering

Lack of Writing Skills

This is one of the most common reasons for this problem, maybe you are writing unique posts, covering Untouched topics but still, you are not getting comments on your posts, it can be the problem in your writing, maybe you are not writing properly, your readers can’t understand what you want to say.

Less Communication with bloggers

Blogging is an activity just like social networking, if you are a part of it, then you have to communicate with other bloggers, you are living in your world and if you are in your world then there you will be alone.

Choosing Unpopular Topics

Sometimes choosing unpopular topics works, but many times unpopular topics always give you problems, your blog will fall gradually, so choose a mixture of popular or unpopular topics for your blog posts.

Waiting for a miracle

Some bloggers continue their writing and never focus on comments and all, they are waiting for some miracle by which their blog post’s comments count increase, mark one thing, that will not happen if you don’t put effort towards it.

Guest Posting

This is one of the most popular reasons for getting fewer comments, many bloggers get good PR in a very short time and they start accepting guest post without any research, and those guest posts never get comments, because everyone knows that guest post is only for promotion.

How to get Maximum Comments

Use Comment Luv Plugin

This is an awesome plugin for WordPress users, you will love it, and now a day bloggers comment after checking the blog has to comment Luv or not, comment Luv allows bloggers to add their post link below their comment, that’s why this plugin becomes very famous among bloggers and everyone love to comment on comment Luv enabled blogs.

Comments on other blogs

The best and easiest way is to get comments is by commenting on other blogs, when you comment on a blog then you put your blog address along with your name and email, then the owner of that blog and other visitors of the blog can visit your blog, and if you are commenting on a comment Luv Plugin enabled blog then you will get maximum comments from your comments.

Increase Social media influence

Increase your influence on social media websites, create a Facebook fan page for your blog, allow people to follow your blog on Twitter, similarly joins other networks also like Linked In, Stumbleupon, etc, that will drive traffic and if you are writing well then you will surely get comments on your posts.

Write Properly           

As I said before, proper writing is very important, and it needs time, if you are not good at writing then learn writing skills, learn grammar, then start writing, and learning is not a one-day task you have to learn regularly.

Create Controversies

Controversies works in every area of Publishing, have you seen any controversy on a news channel?, they create Controversies to gain popularity, the same thing works with blogging, you can create some controversial posts and then you will get maximum comments, but make sure do something controversial not negative.

Hope you enjoyed my post and these are the ways by which you can reduce the chances of Dearth in the Comments.

Share Your Ideas on how you tackle this kind of situation.

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