Create Wish Lists to Speed Up Your Blogging Career

Goals are very important for your life and your career, it doesn’t matter what you are doing in life, but if you don’t have a goal in life then your life is a waste, Goals makes you powerful, influential, and gives you a reason to live your life.

Goals and wishes are two things that you need in your successful life, so be prepared for your life with the goals.

I am going to write everything in a very easy way, everyone can understand very easily.

You should Think about two things while starting a blog or setting your goals.

First is to create a list of things which you want to achieve in your Blogging career, the list may be quite long, because if you are choosing blogging as a profession that means you are going to do this in your whole life, but you can’t create lists for your whole life in one time.

You can DO this in Small parts create your list of goals that you want to achieve in the next six months or one year. I will suggest you set your goals for the next 3 or 6 months 1 year is a quite long time.

Mention the Deadline date in the list of all Goals.

Now you will have a List of Goals that encourage you to do your work properly, after that you can start working on your goals.

Example :

500 Unique Visitors Per Day

Page Rank 4

Alexa under 50k

You can also create goals for your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other blogging-related tasks.

The next important part is to create the list of things which you want to own in your life, everyone has its wishes, so why don’t you create a wish list as well, agree or not but everyone wants to earn money from blogging, and if you create a wish list that will also encourage you to work properly and you will work hard for your wishes and dreams.

If your wish needs more income set a long time duration and if your wishes are smaller then, set small durations.


Smartphone in 6 months

Bike in 1 Year

Car in 2 Years

New Home in 4 years :)

These ideas will help you to grow in a good manner and also it will increase Productivity, Creating a List is very easy but achieving them is quite difficult so create lists which you can achieve easily, else it will give a negative impact on your blogging career if you fail in your goals.

Final Step

After creating the list of your goals and wishes take a printout and put it on your wall near your work area, if you see them daily it will encourage you more to do your work.

Now I want you to share your Ideas and also please tell me Do you like my way of achieving goals?

Comments are WELCOME!

Create Wish Lists to Speed Up Your Blogging Career

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