Complete Guide To Help You Make Money Blogging

Are you one of those who have been wanting to make money blogging but can’t find the perfect ways and ideas on how to do it? It’s often confusing when it comes to choosing the field in blogging where you want the money to come from. But that said, you can’t rely upon a single stream. So it’s a must you give a try to all the possible streams to make money blogging. Note that I don’t use many of the below-listed streams to generate income, as I don’t believe they’ll be fit enough for my blog(s) and some have not been successful for me. Following is a list of all categories and the platforms under them which will help you make money blogging. In order to pick out the best one that will work for you, you’ll need to follow a simple tip – Keep Calm, Try all, Choose Wisely and Start Earning.

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Complete Guide on How to Make Money with a Blog

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Programs

PPC Programs have proven to be a great source of income for millions of bloggers worldwide. The simplest meaning of Pay-Per-Click programs lies in its name itself – You get paid for every click that is generated from your ads. Following are some PPC programs that are being used widely by bloggers in order to make money blogging.

1) Google AdSense

It is proven to be the highest paying PPC Program worldwide and it pays out millions every month to its publishers. Google AdSense is well known for its keyword-targeted (relevant) ads. Stats reveal that it has the highest CPC (cost-per-click) compared to any other PPC Program. It has flexible ad units to use, which are Responsive and auto ads. Google AdSense supports Media Rich and Text Ads, both individually and together.

2) Chitika Ads

Chitika is said to be the second-best alternative for Google AdSense. The approval process is not at all complicated, and almost all blogs/sites with SOME good stuff can be easily approved (as opposed to AdSense where there are strict rules and policies). It offers a wide range of sizes for its ad units. An added advantage of Chitika is that it has a minimum payout of $10, with Paypal supported.

3) AdBrite

Can not be considered an alternative to Google Adsense as the CPC is comparatively low. But that said, a new blog MIGHT be able to make something from here. At Adbrite, the minimum payment is $10 and a check is the only option (for now). If the blog can generate a good number of clicks every month, AdBrite can help you buy lunch for yourself.

4) Bidvertiser

Saying from my personal experience, Bidvertiser only approves the clicks which it feels should be approved. It manages the number of clicks you get from their side. Also, the ads are irrelevant and mostly show up to be the “Download Now” ads, which lead the user to a completely irrelevant page. Only one advantage – Minimum payment is $10, with PayPal, supported.

5) InfoLinks

Just as its tagline says, InfoLinks is a PPC program for in-text advertising. This means that random keywords from your post/page would be decorated such that when hovered and clicked, it leads the user to the advertiser’s site. If you’re interested in in-text ads, InfoLinks is said to be the best.
Those were a few PPC programs that are used widely by many bloggers and site owners around the globe and undoubtedly, Google Adsense is the best among all. There is quite a bunch of more PPC Programs that might help you make money blogging.

Affiliate Programs – Promote And Make Money Blogging

Affiliate Programs have vigorously increased over the years and have proven to increase the sales like anything. Some bloggers believe that this is rocket science but honestly, it’s easier than any math problem ever made. A simple meaning of any affiliate program goes like this – The Affiliate puts up a banner/link on his blog (or directly gives a link to someone). The link, when visited, registers a ‘cookie’ on that browser. This cookie is then tracked by the Affiliate Software in use. When someone makes a purchase through that link, a specified commission is paid to the publisher. That’s a simple Affiliate Marketing process and some have their own rules.
Following are a few platforms where you can find several products to promote.

1) ClickBank

One of the most used platforms for selling and promoting digital products. Clickbank has an extremely wide range of products to choose from, making it very easy for any publisher to make money blogging by promoting, reviewing, and displaying products whenever they could.

2) Amazon Associates

Amazon is well known for the range of products it offers. From stationery to vehicles, everything can be found on Amazon. It works pretty much like a dime sale i.e. the more number of sales you have, the more commission you get. There are many thousands of bloggers out there who were successful to make money blogging by being an Amazon Associate.

3) Commission Junction

Another great platform to find affiliate products to promote is CJ (Commission Junction). It has a great potential to help you make money blogging by introducing you to a wide range of companies that offer affiliate commissions. Unlike Clickbank, CJ acts as a base platform for the seller. This means that all the affiliate tools etc are set up at the seller’s page on Commission Junction.

4) ShareASale

ShareASale is similar to Commission Junction. It has its own platform where sellers list their product(s) and affiliates apply to the company’s program if interested. The current payout options are – Check and Bank Transfer (in Selected Countries Only). Many successful sellers have used ShareASale to sell their products and have had continued success doing the same.

5) JVZoo

Though JVZoo has some amazing merchants using it, I personally prefer it because it has a unique policy that rarely any other platform has – Instant Payments! Yes, there’s no requirement to reach a minimum amount in order to receive a payment in hand. Once a purchase is transacted through your link, the commission is automatically sent to your PayPal account instantly!

These were a few platforms where you can find a lot of products and services to promote and earn commissions. But there are many such merchants who wish to have their own affiliate programs (not linked with platforms like the above), where you can apply and then join hands to promote their products.

Sell Your Digital Products/Service To Make Money Blogging

Selling your own products/services might not be appropriate for new bloggers, as they’ll need some good time settling down with their blog and especially producing quality content in a good amount. But once you are sure that your blog has enough content that is being appreciated by its readers, then you might want to take a step further and add more creativity to your blog. The following things can be done as a part of selling your own digital products.

1) Writing And Selling eBooks

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of ebooks around the internet, your ebook can have its own definition, if you wish so. To become a successful ebook writer and seller, you first need to bring out uniqueness from within. Brian Clark from CopyBlogger has an amazing article on Ebooks That Sell. There are several ways you can sell your ebook. Following are some –

  • Sell directly from your blog or use email marketing by having an ebook in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.
  • Sell On Apple’s iBookStore.
  • Sell on Kindle

Those were a few ways to sell your ebooks. But as mentioned again, the more unique your ebook is, the better sales it will have.

2) Providing Paid Services

Hundreds of bloggers earn using this strategy. All you need is some talent for a specific sort of thing that you’ll do for some bucks. This could be anything. Following are some common things bloggers do to get quickly make money blogging –

  • Logo Designing
  • WordPress Installation (Mostly Free, with some conditions)
  • Banner Designing
  • Blog Set-Up (Plugins, Proper Settings, etc) and much more.

So if you’re good at one of the above, or better if you can do some more stuff which many can’t, then you should probably mention that on your blog as someone might be interested in hiring you.
There are many things which ONLY YOU can do, so I don’t know what to share here because you have that special quality which I’m not aware of yet.

Get Paid For Sponsored Stuff

This has been practiced by almost all bloggers around the globe. Following are the sub-categories for sponsored stuff.

Sponsored Reviews

Every day, there are many services/products launched and if you have a good niche, like internet marketing, then you have more chances on this. The process here is quite simple – either the product owner contacts a publisher or vice versa, but the first one mostly comes into action. Once your blog gets a good amount of readers, you might get contacted by someone to write a paid review on their product, and the best part is that you both decide the charges, and negotiate accordingly!

Paid Advertisement

Have you ever seen banners such as the one on the left? I’m sure you have. Those banners are put by the blog owners to attract any advertisers who want to advertise on that blog. This basically happens in the following different ways.

  • Direct Conversation and Payment
  • Using platforms like BuySellAds or others.

Apart from advertisement banners, a few more methods are used. These include – Paid Tweets, Paid Facebook Sharing, Paid Text Links (As Backlinks).


Those were the basic ways to make money blogging. The above-mentioned ways are practiced by hundreds of thousands of bloggers who are successful in doing the same. If they can, why not you?

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