Choosing a Domain Name for SEO Benefits

Today we are going to talk about choosing a domain name from the SEO perspective. Now a domain name is what your website or company is called, and this is really important. Your domain name is how you appear on Google or other search engine results and it’s also how search engine thinks about you.

Therefore, you want to ensure that you are using keywords and many other important factors when choosing a domain name.

The big question here is if people don’t know what your brand is right now, they’re not really familiar with your company’s name, how are you going to show up in search results? Now having a domain name that contains keywords can help you achieve this, so if you use keywords in your domain name this is a great little hack that can give you some relevant signals or clues to Google about what your website is all about.

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For example, you are starting a website that provides cash flow management services. Let’s say you chose the brand name “Small Business Experts”. While Google’s going to understand this website has something to do with small businesses, and maybe they sell small business coaching services or publish content that is business or coaching related.

So this is a relevancy signal and will help you get a little bit more traction and rank for those terms that are small business-related because Google’s understanding that this website has chosen the words “small business” in their domain name, so it’s going to be very important to this website so that is the number one hack for creating a nice domain name is to make sure to include keywords.

You need to target a keyword with high competition and high search volume. So, what does that mean? Well, high search volume means that a lot of people are searching for this term on Google. They’re going into the search bar and they’re typing this term and that’s great, you want to target a keyword that a lot of people are searching for.

You want it to have high search volume, high traffic this is good. Why? Because you wouldn’t want to target a search term or a keyword that no one is looking for, because it’s a waste of a keyword and a waste of your time. Normally a term that has a high search volume also has high competition and it’s okay to target a term with a keyword that has a high competition on your homepage because this is the exception to the rule.

Normally, I recommend that people target low competition keywords on their products and other pages because it gives you a chance to rank for it. However, this is an exception on your homepage because you’re telling Google this is what my website is mainly about. So you can use a free tool like Google’s keyword planner or Google Search Console, and you can see if this keyword has a high search volume and if it has high competition.

When it comes to keywords, you don’t want to get overly broad or too specific. An example is “hiking gear”; this is pretty specific because we know what kind of gear it is for hiking. An overly broad keyword that I would probably avoid would be “gear”. Now what kind of gear are you selling? Fishing gear? Dance gear? Cycling gear? Boating gear? I am not sure. You want to narrow it down a little bit so that you can tell Google “this is what I’m selling and what my website is about”.

You also need to make sure that your brand name doesn’t exist already. I know this might sound like a no-brainer, but sometimes people don’t do the research before buying a domain name and this is not a good practice. Make sure that if you’re thinking about buying a domain name or having a brand name that you google it first and see what kind of results show up.

Those are the websites you will be competing with, so you want to make sure that it’s unique and doesn’t sound like other people because you don’t want there to be confusion. If your brand name is too similar to someone else’s, then you’re going to be competing with them and it’s a very hard uphill battle, as you will be both competing for that first page of Google and it’s gonna be a very hard journey.

I always recommend you make sure that you get a domain name that ends in .com – the reason for this is that 75% of the world uses .com, so it’s the most common extension and so this is going to be easier for your customers to remember, and lead to fewer typos.

If you choose a different extension, then your customer must remember this, plus your brand name, and that will lead to some confusion and perhaps they’re just not going to remember your brand name after all and not visit your website.

Finally, if you have an idea for a brand or a domain name, make sure that you understand how it will look in that URL field. I recommend that you write it down on a piece of paper and don’t use capitals. This is how it’s going to look in Google or in a web browser. Does it make sense? Is it readable? Are the words jumbled together? Is it hard to decipher?

There we have it, a few key methods to ensure you create a brand name with SEO in mind as well. All the best with your new business!

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