Boost Your SEO With The Benefits Of Customer Reviews

It’s human nature to gather information about something before taking important decisions. Especially it is true when it comes to the quality of life as well as money. Hope you all know the user reviews for e-commerce websites can tremendously increase conversion rates. In addition to that, there are also some benefits to be considered for boosting your SEO. Now, let’s see about it!

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How Reviews from the Customers can benefit your SEO?

Brand Name + Review will Improve Rankings:

Reviews take the most important role in purchasing journey for online customers. A recent survey stated that 60% of people would like to read the reviews online before purchasing personal things without any consideration. It means the consumer first searches the name of the product and check out the review or ratings for that particular product before buying it.

Fresh and Unique Content:

Search engine spider always loves unique content that is being frequently updated and it also considers the reviews from the user as a part of ranking factors. These user reviews can help search engine bots to crawl your web pages on a regular basis. Hence, customer reviews can very well increase the chances of ranking higher on SERPs.

Increased CTR for Result Pages:

If the content of the product page that is to be reviewed is aligned in a proper way with rich snippets, it will help increase Click-Through-Rate (CTRs) in the search engine result pages. The more is the star rating, the more will be the chances of standing out in the results. A recent survey has told that rich snippets can produce a 15-20% increase in CTR.

Increased Conversion Rate:

User reviews not only help to get a higher ranking on the results page but also helps increase the conversion rate via maximum click through the page. These ratings and reviews can also increase users’ trust about the product as well as the site and clear their doubts with the best solutions.

It’s all about getting more reviews for your products. If you increase the number of positive reviews, then automatically the product page conversion rate will also be improved.

According to the survey, it was said that a minimum of 50 reviews per brand or product can make a raise of 4.6% in its conversion rates. While considering the user reviews, you should periodically check reviews and reputation, as it will ensure whether your customer has a negative review about your product. If it happens, then you must rectify it instantly in order to increase the possibilities of getting conversions.

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Long-tail targeting

If the search phrase or words of a product match the user-generated reviews of the same kind of product, then there is a higher chance of getting viral exposure to your page. This also semantically helps in improving your ranking for the long tail searches.

Please share your comments and reviews on the post and let me know your ideas on improving the CTRs and SERP ranking through customer reviews.

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