How to Choose Right Images for Your Blog Post

Once you’ve written your blog post, it’s now time to choose your blog images. Eye-catching visuals are an important aspect of any blog. They draw in your reader’s attention, and honestly, they keep their attention throughout the blog. They also bring life to your blog post, we live, again, in a very visual world, so you want to make sure that you have those visual elements to each of your posts. A key here is to stay away from photos that can be perceived as fake and cheesy, basically stock imagery.

So the photo I’ve chosen here is a good example of a piece of a stock photo. So as you can see, it’s people in a business environment, giving the high-five, giving the thumbs up, this is something that in businesses, we see a lot of, and it’s not something that readers of a blog, will really love or appreciate. We’ve actually done studies, with imagery like this, to determine the effectiveness of super stock imagery, such as business people giving high-fives, versus more editorial, and for our blog, the editorial imagery is what really drives shares, and drives views of each post.

Instead of using stock photography, be editorial, be interesting and engaging, make sure that you’re choosing photos, that not only appeal to your audience but also enhance the copy of the blog. So there are two types of images, that you want to pay attention to when it comes to creating your blog.

Image Type 1: Featured Images

Image one is the featured image, your featured image is generally the large image, that appears at the top of any blog. In this example, we see from Airbnb, they have a very large image at the top of their blog post, and then their title is overlaid over the image.

It might be different in your blog, or in many other business blogs, but generally, the featured image is something that’s consistent amongst many blogs, within the industry. So as you’re choosing your featured image, you want to make sure that it applies to the copy, it’s interesting, it’s what’s going to draw a reader in, and keep them engaged.

Image Type 1: In-Post Images

The second type of image you’ll be using in your blogs are in-post images. These are images that you actually will put, within the body of the post, to enhance the copy that you’ve created.

Pay attention to what type of imagery you use here, you don’t want to add imagery that doesn’t actually apply to the copy or enhance it. The imagery that you do want to add, will apply to the copy directly. So in this example, we have a couple of different marketing campaigns, that we’re talking about within the blog, and the images are screenshots from those campaigns, that’ll enhance the copy, it doesn’t take away from it, by adding imagery that doesn’t make any sense in context. Also, one thing that I would like to note at this point, is that you do want to make sure that you have the rights, to the images that you use, particularly, in your featured images.

So I certainly recommend, that you get yourself a Stock Photo license, so you can go in and find your images. Certainly don’t just grab imagery off of Google images, you do want to make sure that you have the legal rights, to use the imagery, or take your own photos, this is another great way to add that personality, behind your blog. In today’s visual world, choosing the right blog images is almost as important as choosing the right title, or the right post wording. Remember to choose photos that enhance your blog posts, and you are on your way to creating much more visually appealing blogs.

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