Best Blog Niches: Tips To Choose Best Niche For Blogging

What is a niche? Niche means the topic you blog. A good niche blog is one of the main keys to success in blogging. Many topics are available to start a blogging career. But choosing the best topic to blog on is nothing but traffic. Many have their way to define what is a niche? But all it means is topic to blog. I would like to share my thoughts on the best niches to be chosen for blogging.

Is niche important?

Obviously Yes. I have a practical explanation of why the niche is very very important than choosing a domain name. In my recent post on tips to choose a good domain name, I have mentioned a brief explanation about the niche. How many types of niches are available over the internet to choose from?

You have a good question to ask. I have a bad answer to say. There are no limits to choosing a niche. Your niche may be on technology, news, blogging, health, hacking and cracking, updates, android, pens, books, watches, and many more to list here.

How to Choose a Good Niche for Blogging?

Choosing the best niche to blog is a map to success and income. You find many topics to blog but you need to choose the most viewed, applicable to all ages. Content for a niche is fixed? Mayor not. It depends on your blog topic. If you choose your blog to be on top costly watches, you need to settle for a few posts because top costly watches are few and you only find articles to update when new watches come to break the old record. So it’s hard to find more articles on this topic.

Best Topics to Be Chosen for Blogging


News is always a minute update. News niche gets a good rank quickly because it is used by many daily. News-related blogs have unlimited content. They can stay all day in front of the internet and keep updating them minute by minute. News has different categories like politics, polls, and even gossips.


The second most widely used niche is entertainment. Entertainment blogs never died until published albums, movies, and the rest. So entertainment blogs also have good daily visits if the blog is large and has good content with every piece of information, you need not worry about your blog traffic. Because entertainment blogs are kept under bookmarks by unique visitors. So sharing and updating are quite easily done using entertainment.


Technology is also the biggest network, ruling the latest world. Getting listed in the best tech update blogs, you get a huge success. Technology is developing rapidly, with no stop, no problem with content. So content is available and browsed all over the world. Technology blogs have tough competition to deal with online success tech blogs. They can easily attract users engage to with their network so you need to work hard to deal with the tech niche.

Blogging on Tutorials

Blogging is the most successful career choosing a niche to earn money per day and if you are highly professional you can earn per hour and even per minute. Blogging is the best way to get engaged with online content readers. Blogging is done all over the world. Now it has been a targeted niche for every coming up new blogger. Remember it is harder than any other to get success in this niche. Because of bulk content available on blogging.

On What This Blogging Niche Is Done?

Blogging niche site gives articles on how to. You are here to learn the “guide to choose a blogging niche”.  You understood I am guiding you. So blogging can be done on blogger tutorials, WordPress tutorials, computer, android apps, and many more.

The above-mentioned blogs are highly recommended niche blogs to choose from and get success in blogging. The below are the alternative blogs that are essential but not recommended if you don’t know about those topics.

Health blogs

Health niche is also a good topic. Health blogs also have great content. Giving tips on body fitness and maintaining good health would be reasonable. But health blogs are highly recommended for doctors, medical students. Because giving false information would affect your blog. So don’t try to be smart in this niche.


Travel blogs can get huge content writers. Choosing a good travel blog with all content would be appreciated. Travel blogs are also hard to maintain because Google has huge content to display everything that a user needs. Google is tough to this niche because it has maps with satellite content, distance, speed nearby places, and much more. Every topic related to this niche is under Wikipedia. It takes all your traffic.

Final Words

Choose a nice one that is related to your field. Always go for the niche that you are aware of it. “What niche you choose is not important” But it depends on “How you are performing in your niche“. A good performance can be your source of income and that would be your permanent job to maintain it.
I would be happy to hear what niche you select and why do you love it…?

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