Basic Website Promotion

For online business website success, everyone should promote the website. There are several ways to promote a website. Today In this post, we are sharing a useful list of ways to promote a website.

Reviews Blog

You can pay bloggers to review your site. This method can give an impulse to the promotion of traffic when the blog has thousands of visitors per day. You can check Alexa’s ranking status to determine the traffic of a website or blog. It is not 100% reliable, so do not trust him completely.

Give people Testimonials

If you’ve used a product or service and that I really like that, then what you can do is a witness, along with your name and URL of the site, the supplier. If you publish on its Web site to get a one-way link and traffic.

Giving away free stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. Why not an ebook, report, or guidance on an issue that their customers would be interested in reading. No need for a writer to create 10 to 20 pages on how to select the right rod for beginners. Take this manual for free download, and do you make sure you can give your friends or put it on your website as long as you give credit by linking to your website.

Directory submission

The presentation of your site on the web directories can increase your ranking in search engines. There are many web tool directories to help you, the job quickly. Check their website carefully before you pay for the service.


The blogs can not only help your site’s ranking in search engines but also your reputation online. It can be used to find out what your customers want, think, and do. If used properly, can help you better understand your target group, leading to more sales and less marketing costs.

Blog Comment

Comments on blogs related to your site that can promote your product or service. Most blogs are nofollow installed feature that you do not get the mean value of the bond between them. However, it is still can give you the benefit of transport. Leave useful comments and would be surprised how much you could get a few comments, in a high traffic blog to get.

Article Marketing

Write articles on topics that have good knowledge and submit to article directories like Be careful, something that your customers are interested in reading write. One of the best ways to this by going to refer to specialized forums and groups. When the same question that appeared more than five minutes to ten times then chances are you will see a good public transport to get to write an article on the subject.

Marketing Forum

You can turn your website into forums, which are connected to your business to promote. To do this, simply answer the questions of the people as much as possible and provide useful information and links that can help others. Your website promotion can effectively without direct funding. Let your signature link, do the work for you.

Press Releases

You get a lot of traffic to your website if a newspaper publishes an article about your company. They have an “interesting story” have to share with the public and it is harder said than done.

Search for Partners

Find companies that do not compete with the same type of customers to promote your website. In return, you offer something of value as a link on your website, etc.

Business meetings of local area networks

More likely is that they meet local business people in your area, and these are great ways to meet new people to network know that and at the same time, your blog or brand. If you do not know how to find these events just look at your Chamber of Commerce Web site and usually have listed. By participating in these events, you can economically nice gifts such as personalized pens, or other useful items for delivery in one.

The structure of an e-mail list

Use autoresponders to build a data list of potential customers. It is a good way to let clients know that you are the expert in your field. Give them useful information, as often as possible.

E-mail Marketing

Almost everyone has access to an e-mail today, but most do not really all e-mails because they get so much junk e-mail – spam. So, if you provide them your stand out from the rest, then you have something valuable to provide. Never try to sell in the first e-mail that they do not work. Make a list, what is more, important to build a relationship.

Web 2.0 Sites

These are websites that you can create your own page on your site. A good example is Squidoo. You can print a page, to concentrate on a specific topic in your industry. Joining groups on the site and use Squidoo to promote your website.

Link Exchange

Although many people believe that this method does not work anymore. However, we still have some value, if done correctly. Make sure you only exchange links with sites, which can be associated and have unique quality content. If a site has 100 links to all kinds of websites, then you should avoid it.

The Traffic Exchange

There is room for peering points in the network. Basically, you have to visit the website of others and in return is your website to visit. You need to visit two or three pages before they can get access to your website, so if time is an issue for you, then this can not be a good way to promote your website.


Each winning charity auctions on eBay, charities back on the side of your article brings. What you can do, is a link to your company’s website on this page. All links can give authority to your website a boost in search engines.

Yahoo Answers

Answering questions from people on the Yahoo Answers website can attract highly targeted visitors to your website. Use the search feature to find, are the questions about your product or service are included. Always give detailed answers and leave your website address in the original packaging. If you find an answer that you click on the link to visit their website.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a quick way to get traffic to your website. This method of promotion is not free, but you can give instant traffic to your site without making a lot of work. That is, if you want to use it effectively, that you are looking for research on the need to find the best for your business. There are many tools and instructions to help you with that can help.

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