Basic Techniques To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website

As bloggers and website owners, we all are walking towards one common destination, and that is – Higher ranking in search engines.

To determine this there is one important web metric that we all are well aware of and which has gained an ever-increasing significance among the bloggers and SEO strategists community.

We know this web metric as Domain Authority. Almost every blogger starts his/her blog with a goal to someday make their blog an authority site. So Domain Authority is something all of you are not only aware of but also intrigued about.

For the newbies reading our blog for the first time, let me tell you what Domain Authority is.

Well, as we all wish to know how well our website will rank in search engines, there has to be a metric like a score or a grade that would tell us just what we want to know. So, Moz has developed this metric called Domain Authority which can give an estimation for any site’s ranking on Google or other search engines.

Higher the Domain Authority more likely is the site to be ranked higher in Search Engine Results Pages.

Further in this article, I will discuss different ways how to increase the Domain Authority of your site. But are you still wondering how will a higher Domain Authority benefit your site? If at this point you are unable to see the direct impact of a higher Domain Authority, let me explain to you why DA is so crucial.

Why should you care about increasing the Domain Authority of your site?

A fact and something that we have often noticed around us is that sites with higher Domain Authority rank higher than those with lower DA.

Let’s check some other facts that will give us a more elaborative picture of the importance of Domain Authority.

  • There cannot be an overnight increase in Domain Authority
  • Higher Domain Authority ultimately results in bringing more traffic to your blog.
  • When it comes to drawing an estimate or calculating DA, as many as 40 signals are considered as parameters.
  • A site with a higher rank on search engines -> higher DA.

Increasing Domain Authority takes a lot of effort, strategy, content, and patience. Taking a DA score from 10-15 to 30-40 can be pretty easy but when it comes to taking your DA score beyond 50, it is going to be a tough job that requires a great amount of patience on your part.

Let’s look at the ways to increase your Domain Authority.

Producing Quality Content

Quality content is crucial in achieving a high DA score. You must have heard – Content is King.

Stick to this theory at all times to produce unique and quality content. As long as your blog or site has content that offers uniqueness and quality you will receive value.

Your audience base will grow depending on the content you publish. The readers when they visit your site look for quality content and that’s all they expect. To keep attracting newer audiences, you need to keep publishing high-quality content.

Good content can be characterized by the length of the blog post. A post that has around 800 words can be considered a good length post.

What this length does is it gives out a clear message that your articles contain more information and are well researched and thoroughly thought out.

Things to remember:

  • Never publish posts that have content copied from some other site. Write original and unique stuff.
  • Make sure your post doesn’t contain repetitive words. Expand your vocabulary and use it to your benefit in the article.
  • Don’t wander off track. Stick to the theme of your article and write things that are relevant.

Internal Linking

Internal linking helps your site in an amazing way by reducing the bounce rate which means the time a user spends on your site is significantly increased.

One of the ways to do this is to link your current posts to the older ones thereby adding to it an informative touch. But when doing so make sure the posts that you are linking to are all related to or in the same context as the current post.

This is surely helpful for the search engine bots to crawl your site’s content.

This kind of linking is crucial in spreading Domain Authority throughout your site. What makes internal linking effective is making sure that every internal link is do-follow.

Using On-Page SEO Techniques

This optimization method helps you take your DA score up. There are some technical aspects here like keyword density and placement.

  • Heading tags

Using heading tags will help in highlighting the key points of your post.

  • Keyword density

Keeping the keyword density between 0.5 % and 1.5% will avoid keyword stuffing which is a very important aspect when it comes to On-Page optimization.

  • Target Keyword

Always choose a perfect keyword for your posts. Make sure you use the focus keyword in the first paragraph and shift your focus to long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank.

  • Keyword-rich titles

Include the keyword in the title of your blog post. Try to have the focus keyword as the first word of the title if possible.

SEO will help your site to rank well on search engines and neglecting it will only make things worse for your DA.

Better SEO better DA.

To know more about On-Page Optimization read the article on this blog where different On-Page Optimization techniques have been discussed in length.

Publish posts more frequently

The most important thing of all is to keep your blog updated and to do so you need to publish posts more often.

Though it may sound a daunting task to keep up with the pace and publish well-researched posts regularly, it is very crucial in increasing the Domain Authority score of your site.

The reason for most of the bloggers not making it to the top is this – They lose the consistency after a while.

It is highly likely that you may lose your well-earned DA score if you fail to publish posts regularly. Not only does regular posting increase your DA but it also has other benefits like these:

  • You’ll have much more quality content for internal linking
  • Drives in higher traffic which ultimately leads to higher revenue and higher rank in Search Engines
  • Builds a relationship with the audience as they will start depending on your blog for timely publishing quality blog posts.
  • Gives a boost to conversions

Well, these are some of the realistic and tested ways to improve the Domain Authority of your site. Implement these ways on your blog and let us know how it turns out and do visit again for the follow-up post that I’ll be posting soon.

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